Top 10 Teachers tips

Be the ‘lead learner’ as much as you are the ‘teacher

Put another way, model ‘caring’ about learning and the role it plays in well-being and growth. Show them what it means to be curious and active in this new learning environment.

Google Fi for Backup

Here’s a lesser-known tip for VIPKID teachers. As discussed above, internet stability can be scary, especially when you’re traveling. Some people turn to local SIM cards or TEP devices for backup internet. I say poo to all of those things. Get yourself on the Google Fi network and never worry about backup internet ever again. We use Google Fi as our cell phone provider and I’m able to easily use this as a hotspot anytime my internet fails. Google Fi is awesome for so many reasons. First, you ONLY pay for the data you use. They charge $10/Gb, so if I use 4Gb of data during a month, it’ll be $40 (plus a $15 flat-rate service fee). If I use 2Gb, I’ll pay $20 for that month of data. Google Fi also caps off at 10Gb of data. As soon as you reach 10Gb used, data becomes free for the rest of that month. If I use my phone as a hotspot for VIPKID, it takes approximately 0.1Gb of data per class. Therefore I use about 1Gb of data for every 10 classes. Again, I only use this for emergency situations but it has saved my butt time and again. Another reason Google Fi is so awesome is that international data is the same price ($10/Gb) and they provide service in 170+ countries. We’ve used our phones in Thailand, the Maldives, Indonesia, Australia, and New Zealand. We’ve been able to get steady LTE in all of these locations. For VIPKID teachers and especially for those traveling, I highly suggest switching your cell phone provider to Google Fi. The network is phenomenal and the prices are unbeatable. Use this link to get $20 off your first bill with Google Fi

Keep a “sub tub” on hand for those days when you just can’t make it into school.

Source: Supply Me Fill it with all the lessons and activities your sub will need in case you have an unexpected absence.

Be flexible, and tell the students they need to be flexible.

They may say they don’t do things a certain way, and I just tell them to be flexible, and we’re going to switch things up today!” —Lloyd C.

Take attendance.

“Take attendance after you get the kids started on the work, so they have time to get things completed.” —Terri Y.

Use Mr. Potato Head to teach the five senses.

It’s funny and memorable—Mr. Potato Head is a great way to emphasize the five senses. Check out these other activities to teach the senses, too!

Use the right platform for the right teaching

This one’s simple but don’t use Google Drive to share video and don’t use Zoom to carry out ongoing conversations with students and don’t use YouTube to host all student portfolios, etc. Use the right tool for the right purpose.

Communicate Regularly

Maintain a consistent online presence. Communication is essential in the online classroom environment. Introduce yourself and give your students to also introduce themselves - help bring humanity and warmth into your classroom that online classes can easily lack. Make sure your students know the best methods and times to contact you. Not having a professor physically in front of them can make some students nervous. Try to ease this by answering questions in a timely manner and providing plenty of instruction and feedback.

Learn from others!

Follow this teacher’s blueprint for surviving as a sub!

Use lighting and sound to your advantage

Quality audio, strong lighting, Zoom backgrounds, catchy music for transitions between activities–whatever you need to do to get and keep their attention, use the technology tools at your disposal to make that happen.