Teenagers tips

Don't trust anyone with one of these flags in their room

You dislike doing homework much more BEFORE doing it rather than during or after.

This also goes for anything you dislike, although not always the case, it is most of the time

Don't send nudes until you are over 18.

It's illegal and you can actually get arrested for it and put on a sex offenders list since it is technically child pornography. It's not worth throwing your life away over a nude.

Don't run around in grassy areas.

I got fucking grazed by rebar and it fucking hurts

Press both at once

If you didn't get it done and the teacher comes around to collect it, turn in the wrong paper, do that assignment THAT NIGHT and then go to him / her and say that you think you turned in the wrong assignment. Make sure to turn in something you don't need.

Just in case you don't get it back.

Don’t sext ur girlfriend while baking banana bread.

I’m not going into anymore detail about this. You know if this is about you

Have good relationships with your teachers, show up on time, and turn your work in. Then teachers will look the other way on everything else.

I’m a super quiet person and always just do my work and show up. Not as hard as it seems really. But that makes all my teachers let me do pretty much anything. Left a class early today by 10 minutes cause I wanted lunch, turned in a paper a week late and got full grade, and I regularly sit on my phone in class. In each case my teachers don’t bat an eye but I see kids get in trouble constantly for the same thing.Teachers are people too and just want you to do your work and respect them. Do that and life is way easier.Please remember to like, comment and subscribe. Click that bell icon if you want more.

Don’t challenge the sun.

So uh July 4th I only sprayed myself once and didn’t even put face cream on for sunblock (I’m white af ima piece of paper) and surprise surprise I got burnt bad. I’m lucky it’s summer and I don’t have to go see my friends they would make so much fun of me.. anyway it hurts to move my neck torso or arms in any kind of way so I’m actually just suffering right now alright remember to use sunblock and also I look like a tomato it’s BAD

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