Teenagers tips

Don't make typos while creating your username.

They will haunt you forever, trust me.

Know what a movie is about before going to see it on a date.

Last night I went on a first date with a girl. We went to dinner walked around then went to a movie. However, I fucked up real hard and got us tickets to see the revenant. I watched like half the trailer and thought it was going to be a revenge western not torture porn. She doesn't do gore well apparently. Very awkward ride home. Just make sure you know what you're going to see before you see it.

Play school bell out of speakers. Leave class early.

If you play an instrument and want to play video games without your parents getting mad, play your instrument loudly and repetitively for like 15 minutes. Then go play games and your parents will be glad the noise is over.

Don't let your friends pick your username.

Play porn on a bluetooth speaker on max volume in a different room in your house so it distracts your parents and allows you to fap in peace.

Dont get addicted in the first place

If you want to do that shit cut it off

Don't microwave marshmallows

Don't fuck with flex tape.

So like 2-3 years ago I got flex tape as a christmas gift, and I hardly had a use for it. Finally, I discovered a use when one of the leg thingys on my keyboard broke and I couldn't get it back on. Anytime I'd play games with friends, my keyboard would be moving around and the side without the leg would bang against the desk.So my solution? Flex tape both the bottom of the keyboard and the top of the desk with a little tape roll thing. In the end, I got a new keyboard, and when it came time to take the flex tape off, I couldn't fucking do it. I got the keyboard off fine, but that roll was still there. When I tried just using brute force to take it off my desk, I just ended up lifting my desk a good inch off the ground.So I chipped away at it with a knife for like a week. Theres still fucking flex tape residue on my desk. I don't think it's ever coming off. I learned my lesson, flex tape is not to be fucked with.