Teenagers tips

Fill your time.

However, if you finished those plans and the kids are getting antsy, here are 24 awesome ideas to make sure your students are engaged and learning, even when you only have a few minutes.

Fill those last few minutes.

Need even more ideas for substitute teachers to fill time? These are perfect for the awkward few minutes right before the bell rings.

Try a math filler.

Try one of these quick popsicle-stick math time fillers from Journey of a Substitute Teacher.

Take attendance.

“Take attendance after you get the kids started on the work, so they have time to get things completed.” —Terri Y.

Stay on task, and leave a record.

“Follow the lesson plans as much as humanly possible, leave detailed notes for the teacher about what got done or didn’t get done, which students were awesome and not so awesome, and leave your number if you really enjoyed the class.” —Dawn M.

Stay professional.

“Be pleasant in the faculty room if you eat there. Never say anything negative about the school, teachers, or students.” —Donna N.

Dress in layers.

“Some rooms are freezing, and some are hotter than heck!” —Edith I.

Turn on a movie.

We’ve gathered the top Netflix educational shows that you can pull from. Stick with G-rated!

Don’t be afraid to be picky.

“I have a list of teachers I won’t sub for because no matter what, they always seem to have ‘that’ class. In other words, not very good behavior management which means subbing for them is a nightmare.” —Eric D.

Bring your own supplies.

Either in a backpack or a “just-in-case” bag. Check out suggestions for what to stock up on. And check out our list of favorite teacher bags to hold everything you need!