Teenagers tips

Look like trash all week before prom so you look like a snacc on prom day when you actually try

Learn to not give a fuck what people think.

I mean it - since I've started adopting this my confidence has grown tenfold, and I can talk to pretty much anyone, whereas before I was only comfortable talking to people I know. I can pretty much pin it to the second I grew a mullet. Ok, I'm changing my OP - grow a mullet. That will be all.

Dont say it

If you fetishise wholesome stuff like headpats and cuddling and handholding more than actual sex, you and your boyfriend/girlfriend can do all your favorite kinks even when your parents are in the room.

Don’t create a username with your age... your gonna grow up.

Yeah... I’m not 14 anymore

Guys) Gut a squid and use it as a fleshlight.

Slimy but realistic

Get a mohawk

Never read love letters from early on when you're in a dying relationship [relationship].

Actually never re-read love letters in general. I'm a fucking mess.