Teenagers tips

If you forgot where Illinois was, it’s next to Indiana. If you forgot where Indiana is, it’s next to Illinois.

Whenever your sibling is using headphones, repeatedly and semi-faintly say their name around them, and they’ll go fucking crazy

Dont fucking invite your friends on a date between you and someone else.

This has happened to me twice now. Seriously, what the fuck? When someone asks you on a date, it means they want to spend time with YOU! You'll get a chance to share your friends later! But really.. on a 2nd date?! And without telling me? AND THE FRIEND BEING A GUY?! sighs in Canadian High school relationships are fucking stupid. Y'all, dating isn't that complicated.

Just lying isn't a prank.

My friend said we had a test in English today, which we didn't, then said April fools. So I punched him, and responded April Fools.

If you want to find out if someone has a crush on you, send them an empty message, or just a dot.

If they respond "wtf is this" you aren't loved. But if they respond very sweet they probably like you. I tried this and it works 100%

Looking for a good conversation starter? Talk about fornite.

It doesn't need to be positive , it could be about how much you hate the game. But one thing it sure 8/10 its a great conversation starter. Person 1: "yeah my bro always plays fortnite non stop... you play?"Person 2: "i mean i used to but now i hate the game"Person 1: "i dont like the game either, feels kinda boring after some time playing it"Person 2: "yeah totally agree"

Don’t rub your eyes after eating ghost pepper salsa

Don't put a charging cord in your urethra.

It hurts

If you're hanging with a group and they're drinking/smoking and you personally don't mess with that, instead of telling them you don't drink/smoke, tell them you quit.

That way you don't seem like a narc and still don't feel pressured.New post because the original wasn't flaired

Don't name yourself after a dog bites you