Teenagers tips

Getting a girlfriend / boyfriend.

Talk to the girl next to you, you scared little shit

Instead of "vaper" and "rapper", say "vapist" and "rappist".

Bonus points if you have a lisp

Don’t get addicted to caffeine.

Didn’t even realize i was addicted till i didn’t have it for a day and got a really bad migraine that night and next morning. wack

If somebody texts you back “K” and you text them back “Kk,” there is a 69% chance they will reply with triple you-know-what.

And if you don’t believe me, this is a real conversation I had with my friend. https://i.imgur.com/ShT0DQQ.jpg he was making a meme about seizures and asked for my opinion when this happened

When being verbally bullied/harassed agree with the bullies and, if you want, add in a couple insults of your own. 95% of the time this will cause them to feel weird and awkward and will likely lead to them leaving. 1/1 Experts recommend.

DISCLAIMER: THERE IS A HIGH PROBABILITY THAT THIS WILL RUIN YOUR SELF ESTEEM AND MAKE YOU THINK LESS OF YOURSELF BUT SUCCESS IS SUCCESS BABYok but seriously this can actually ruin your self esteem but it’s ok because it works.(my genius strategy)

Do NOT send messages while you're horny

Do not wank with a bandage on hand.

On unrelated note does anyone know how to get nut off a bandage

If you search "the bald guy" on youtube you will instantly find Seth Everman

Don't create your username when you're depressed

Wash your dick if theres ANY chance of you getting a blow job