Top 10 The blue pill tips

Use subheadings smartly

Here’s something you should already know about me: I’m a huge fan of long-form content that’s filled to the brim with information. The only problem is, I know many visitors don’t really read entire posts from start to finish. This is true if they don’t find the exact information they need quickly enough. To boost reader retention, I make it a point to use as many subheadings as possible when creating long posts. Most readers, after all, skim through a post to look for anything that catches their attention. How many subheadings should you aim for? Yoast recommends adding a subheading for every 300 words in your article. I suggest sticking to this rule whenever you can to maximize your content’s scannability. Just don’t stress over exceeding this limit on occasion — your readers can probably forgive you for that.

Learn to make click-worthy headlines

Here’s a hard pill to swallow: You can do everything right SEO-wise and still not get clicks from search engine results pages. If you have this issue, you may not be using headlines that can pique the interest of search engine users. Whether you like it or not, a headline can single-handedly turn potential readers away or invite them into your post. As such, it must be descriptive, thought-provoking, and perfectly optimized. The CoSchedule Headline Analyzer is a great tool that will help you check all these boxes. It focuses on factors like length, word balance, and reader sentiment. I wrote a full-length guide on how to use the CoSchedule Headline Analyzer for click-worthy headlines. Be sure to check it out when you’re ready to turn your content headlines into click magnets.

Use the Emotional Marketing Value Analyzer

A person’s emotion is a driving factor in their decision to click on a post or not. If you want your audience to read your content, the headline must plant an emotional urge for them to click. This is significantly more important when your content is being spread on social media. This is where the Emotional Marketing Value Headline Analyzer by the Advanced Marketing Institute comes useful. It works by analyzing the word composition of your headline and assessing the type of emotion it ignites. To use it, just type in the headline you want to use for your content and click ‘Submit for Analysis.’ The tool shall immediately present you with the percentage of EMV or Emotional Marketing Value words in your headline. It also dissects the emotion it instills in readers and determines if you’re likely to get a positive response.

Make sharing easier for your readers

If you want to reach more social media users faster, don’t just rely on your own reach. Ask your audience to help spread the word with a CTA and by integrating social sharing buttons into your blog. The most straightforward to do this is to ask your readers to share your post when writing conclusions. Just make sure that it isn’t a hassle by integrating social media sharing buttons in the right places. Sumo Share is a popular social sharing plugin for a reason. It lets you add a responsive floating bar with social sharing buttons to any site — without any coding experience. As of writing this post, Sumo offers streamlined installation for sites built with WordPress, Shopify, Weebly, Tumblr, Blogger, and Squarespace. Alternatively, you can manually integrate the plugin by copying a bit of code and pasting it in your HTML. What’s great about Sumo Share is that it can be used on your website free of charge. If you’re interested in a premium alternative, I recommend the tool Social Snap, which has way more features. Other than sharing buttons, I use it to create tweetable quotes and “pin it” buttons, which I’ll discuss shortly.

Create a private group for your audience

To succeed as a blogger, you should know the difference between building traffic and building an audience. The difference is simple, but it definitely changes everything. You see, traffic comes and goes. Your audience, on the other hand, will come, respond, and come back to see more of your content. To build an audience, a dependable strategy is to provide members a sense of exclusivity. Offering gated content, which I already discussed earlier, is one way to accomplish this. An easier approach, however, is to create a private Facebook group. If you’re new around here, you should know that I also manage a private group called the Master Blogging Community. It has the tagline “Blogging Tips and Strategies for Massive Profits,” but there’s more to the group than that. As a sneak peek, I’ve been arranging meetups with members — something that not all Facebook group owners do. Members can also access units and the “Mentorship” feature, which allows them to connect with and learn from marketing professionals. Would you like me to tell you everything about the Master Blogging Community? If you’d like to know more, don’t hesitate to join the group. Did you see what I did there? 😉

Aim to publish link-worthy content

In the world of blogging, quality backlinks are a commodity that you can’t survive without. Unfortunately, they’re also a commodity best earned naturally — not bought or bartered for. Sure, I advocate for healthy link building practices that involve writing quality content and providing value to users. But if you want to build a healthy backlink profile for your blog, start by focusing on your content. Make them informative, valuable, and polished beyond perfection. They must contain information that can’t be found elsewhere. For content pieces that borrow inspiration and ideas from competitors, come up with unique ways to present the revamped information. Here is a post that will help you get started in the right direction as far as content creation is concerned.

Include Statistics

Speaking of creating link-worthy content, have you tried creating data-driven posts yet? It doesn’t matter if you did your own study or compiled facts from other sources. If your blog post contains statistics, you have a good chance of being linked to by content writers. Remember, citing statistics from valid sources maximizes the impact of your content’s message. It informs readers that you know your stuff — worthy of their time and trust. This is something that I do whenever the opportunity presents itself. To look for statistics you can use in your content, use Google and add the word “statistics” with quotation marks. Also, set Google’s search filter to grab results no older than a year. This makes sure you won’t be supplied with outdated information when writing content.

Use Covers to Keep Your Furniture Fur Free

Do you allow your pets on the furniture? If you do you’re well aware of how hard is to keep them clean. My favorite tip for keeping your furniture clean and fur free is to use a cover. You can use sheets, blankets or slip covers — and if you want something to match your decor you can get them custom made. When it’s cleaning time you just throw those covers in the wash & you’re good to go.

Start utilizing custom visuals

If you’re still not utilizing visual content in your blog, you’re doing it very wrong. No — I’m not talking about free stock photos that average content writers use as featured images. I’m talking about brilliant, custom graphics you can whip up with tools like Visme and Canva. Also, no — you don’t need to be a professional graphic designer to use them. Both tools feature a drag-and-drop interface that will let you make professional-looking graphics within minutes. Incorporating visuals into your content strategy will help you gain more social media shares and backlinks. Most importantly, detailed visuals will significantly improve the experience of your readers.

Repurpose content into YouTube videos

If you’re a new blogger, it may be hard to imagine yourself speaking in front of a camera on YouTube. Still, you can’t deny that having a thriving YouTube channel is an excellent goal to aim for. In the blogging world, an established YouTube channel pretty much proves that you’re an authoritative and trustworthy brand. As such, the biggest names in plenty of niches have YouTube channels with thousands of subscribers. It may not be achievable today, tomorrow, or even months from now. But when the time comes and you’re ready to build your YouTube channel, refer to this post[YouTube Article Here].