Top 10 The blue pill tips

Add Brushing Your Dogs Teeth into Their Grooming Routine

Get in the habit of brushing your dogs teeth daily to avoid expensive dental visits later. You can use a human toothbrush if you like (though they make ones for dogs, too), but be sure to pick up tooth paste that’s formulated for dogs.

Make Training More Fun by Switching Up The Rewards

Instead of just giving praise for a new trick add some yummy treats or a game of tug as the reward. By changing the rules & rewards you’re keeping training sessions more fun & exciting for both you & your dog.

Use memes and GIFs

If you’re active on social media, there’s no way you’re not familiar with memes and GIFs. These are bite-sized, humorous images and animations that spread like wildfire. Memes and GIFs are so effective in capturing attention that brands have started utilizing them for marketing. Even I use it from time to time — specifically when I want to give new members of the Master Blogging Community a warm welcome. What makes memes and GIFs so popular is how they’re often used to convey relatable scenarios. They’re also quite easy to make, and you have free tools like Imgflip to thank for that. Don’t feel like creating an original meme? Feel free to share the ones that other people made. All it needs is an original caption from you and it’s ready to be shared with your social media followers. Just don’t overuse memes as they can distract your audience from digesting your core message. Also, be careful and avoid sharing anything that may come off as offensive to certain groups of people.

Prioritize honesty

Let me tell you something a lot of bloggers overlook. As soon as they start generating traffic, they become too focused on monetization that they become reckless with their credibility. This becomes a problem if they begin to engage in practices that can damage their reputation in the long run. A classic example is a blogger who blatantly writes biased, positive reviews of affiliate products for the sake of sales. If you do it on a small scale, you can probably get away with it. But as readers begin to notice your tactics, their trust and your whole brand’s reputation will collapse. With these things in mind, I earnestly want you to remember the following tips:

  • When writing product reviews, use the product yourself. That’s the only way to provide authentic and believable opinions that will lead to sales.
  • Don’t make up a fake backstory for your brand. You, as a blogger, will be more relatable to your audience if you share real scenarios and experiences.
  • Don’t be afraid to write negative reviews. If a potential affiliate product didn’t click, find a similar product from another partner and offer it as an alternative. Whenever I write reviews, I make sure to be truthful and include a few cons. I do it even if I’m completely happy with the product after using it myself.

Use a free grammar checker

Even if you have perfect spelling and grammar, mistakes still happen. It probably won’t be a total disaster for you if you miss a mistake or two. But why take the chance when you can simplify the proofreading process with a grammar checker? My personal favorite would be Grammarly, which offers a free version for bloggers on a tight budget. To use Grammarly, you can edit your document using the web interface or install the downloadable desktop app. Grammarly is also available as an add-on for Microsoft Office products, including Microsoft Word. The only downside is, the integration only works if you’re running on Windows. Lastly, you can use Grammarly’s plagiarism checker to ensure the originality of your content. It’s often not needed if you’re sure you wrote every sentence yourself. Search engines like Google, however, don’t care if your plagiarism is intentional or not — your rankings will still suffer.

Stream live videos

Other than share posts, special discounts, and memes, I occasionally stream live videos to my followers. Those are the times when I feel more than just a moderator of the Master Blogging group. Whenever I stream live, I felt like a true member who speaks, listens, and contributes to the community. Social media websites like Facebook make it possible with their live streaming features. While broadcasting the video, viewers can react and post comments in real-time — as if we’re speaking face to face. From the audience’s point of view, live streams heighten the sense of exclusivity and belongingness more than any other content. It also gives them the opportunity to get instant answers to their questions. Apart from hosting live Q&A sessions, you can also stream interviews with influencers. Other ideas include streaming live events, product demonstrations, promotions, and random updates that show your blogging life behind the scenes.

Read your content aloud during the proofreading process

Even if a sentence is grammatically correct, it may still sound a little off when read by native English speakers. Relying on automated grammar checkers won’t help you avoid this — unless it has a “read aloud” feature. Reading your draft aloud is one of the most important lessons I learned in my 10 years of blogging. It helps me ensure that the words smoothly flow out of the reader’s mouth and mind. If reading English words isn’t your strongest suit, you can count on text-to-speech tools like NaturalReader. This will also enable you to spot grammar and spelling errors without gluing your eyes to your computer’s screen.

Use Dog Toothpaste on a Rope Toy

If your dog doesn’t like having his teeth brushed squeeze some doggie tooth paste onto a rope toy & let them go at it. It’s a nice way to start desensitizing them to having their teeth brushed.

Get paid for writing sponsored posts

The blog monetization strategies I’ve already discussed above may be reliable, but they’re all tied to your blog’s traffic. Writing sponsored posts, however, lets you make quick bucks. As the name implies, sponsored posts are pieces of content that another brand has paid you to write. It can be a product review, how-to guide, or anything that can put their product in the best light. In some instances, brands are even willing to produce the content for you. All you need to do is publish it on your blog and you’re golden. To look for sponsoring brands, start with websites like PayPerPost. Just register a “Creator” profile to be visible to companies looking to expand their online reach.

Don’t ignore podcasts

The rise of podcasts in the blogging world isn’t an accident. They help users consume content while doing daily, menial tasks like commuting, driving, working out, and so on. There are also people who prefer listening to podcasts while lying on their couch or bed with their eyes closed. If you think that podcasts are just a fad that will go away soon, think again. The truth is, high-income bloggers are actually five times more likely to publish podcasts. So, it’s another thing worth adding to your list of blogging goals.