Tinder tips

Send A Unique First Message

The first message matters a lot. It can either float or sink your entire boat. The first message pretty much explains what kind of person you are. Most people send the cheesy pick up lines and absolutely destroy their chances. I am not saying you should not attack the person with pick lines. But most pick up lines are trash, so select carefully. Something original and witty is always better. Keep your first message something that will get their attention. Something that will awaken their curiosity. Remember,  nothing says boring like a simple “hey”.

Keep Your Bio Tidy

Your bio should read like a witty and snappy tweet or a comment. The days of long fully detailed bios are gone. A study has found that on average, people spend 5 seconds on someone’s Tinder profile before swiping right or left. Judging by this, you barely have time! You should keep your bio short and sweet. But that does not mean it has to be a boring bio. Keep it interesting. A well laid out pick up line or a joke or even a TV show reference can catch the eye of many. Tinder bios can make or break your matches. Following me so far? Good! Keep reading my 15 Best Tinder Tips and Tricks!

Take Rejection Gracefully

After matching someone may unmatch, or say no to a date, and that is okay. They are not entitled to go on dates with you, and deserve choices. Maybe they changed their mind or just aren’t into it anymore. Don’t take it to your heart and let it go. Always be confident and nice, no matter what. However, if you come off as desperate or creepy, no one will wish to meet you. At this time, be cool about it and let it be.

Surround yourself with your heavier friends so you appear more skinny

Google a random dick pic to send back when you receive an unwanted one! He never responded.

Check your photos before you lie about your age

Did you know getting a dog upgrades your Tinder game?

It’s never worth it