Travel tips

Chairs on Italian beaches are expensive at the beginning of the day, but are cheap in the afternoon. I got a seat here for 5 Euro at 16:00. Just ask for a discount.

Change currency to local to avoid the 3% conversion fees.

With some searching, I found that you can change the settings to search using any currency, so I chose the local currency for Indonesia (IDR) and the rates were quite cheaper.What was previously listed at $644 dropped to $624, saving me $20.I just booked 5 nights in Bali through AirBNB. Before requesting the booking, I noticed that AirBNB was automatically throwing in a 3% conversion fee. With credit card churning, I have plenty of cards that do not have any kind of FTF (foreign transaction fee) and of course I wouldn't want to pay some arbitrary rate. Make sure you put into your account a credit card that doesn't have a FTF and that it is valid through your intended stay.

After being at Shwedagon pagoda for sunset, head down into People's Park where a surreal sound, lights and water show starts as soon as it gets dark.

When to arrive at Auckland Airport for a flight from Auckland to Queenstown?.

The wife and I will be in Aukland for a few days (both Americans) before hopping on a flight from Aukland to Queenstown. Any advice on how early should we arrive for our flight? General rule in the states is 2 hours, but at my local airport you can easily expect to be through security and to your terminal in less than 30 minutes. Thanks very much for any help!

If you have a European train question Google "[Depature City] [Arrival City] Seat61" and you will find your answer.

Seat61 is a fantastic website with loads of information but it's a little intimidating to navigate from the home page. If you type in your Departure and Arrival + Seat 61 into google you will get a direct hit on what you are looking for. From there I suggest "Ctrl+F"-ing your arrival city on that page since those pages are super long.Ex: Departing Budapest to arrive in PragueGoogle: "Budapest Prague Seat61"First hit is this page: there scroll down until you get to Prague:

Driving from Los Angeles to Las Vegas can take you through Twentynine Palms. It's a scenic drive and all, but stop for the cool murals here.