Travel tips

Stay in hostels with free breakfasts

There are some hostels I have stayed in that I will never forget, both for the right and wrong reasons… However, I always remember hostels that serve amazing breakfasts! A crucial hack for the broke backpacker and a top tip for first time backpackers, free breakfasts can sometimes provide the entire nutrition required for one day of adventuring… I have in the past survived just off breakfasts. So – book a hostel that serves free breakfast. Free hostel breakfasts can come in the form of muesli and milk, plain white toast and jam (shit), or a full spread including pancakes, eggs, and coffee! Whatever form the breakfast comes in, it is a blessing because free breakfast means that you only have to sort out and pay for two other meals that day. Or one. Or none if you’re hardcore A hostel serving breakfast might be a few dollars more than the competition (though not always), but if the price difference isn’t huge, you’ll save money in the long run if you consistently don’t have to pay for breakfast!

Be mindful of your health

It’s easy to go overboard while you travel because there’s often no one around to call you out. This means you’ll be more susceptible to drinking too much, overeating, and doing reckless or dangerous activities. Is it any wonder that some backpackers just look like shit after a couple of months? They just sacrificed half their savings and whatever figure they’ve been working on for the sake of complete hedonism. If you’re going backpacking for a long period of time and don’t want to break down halfway, then take care of yourself: it’s the best piece of backpacking advice for any traveler and one of The Broke Backpacker Manifesto tenets. Eat as you would back home, that is, consciously. Don’t drink too much. It may be one of the hardest traveling tips to follow, but maybe try and work out every once in a while as well.

Buy public transportation tickets in bulk

I’m just rolling with the transportation theme now. When backpacking in big cities, you need to use public transportation to get around. Almost without fail, subway/bus/tram tickets are always cheaper when purchased in bulk or as a multi-day pass. Not only that, you’ll save a lot of time queuing up for tickets for every ride. If you know you will be backpacking in Paris for a couple of days, you can buy multi-day passes to save you from buying tickets individually every time you take the subway. In many cities, the tickets are universal for public transportation, meaning you can use them for the bus or the subway!

Don’t pack too much stuff

The number one backpacking tip is to remedy the classic backpacker mistake: bringing too much shit on. We’ve all seen backpackers carrying WAY too much fucking stuff – don’t be one of them, you look like an idiot and getting on public transport is a nightmare. The more you travel, the more you’ll discover that you really don’t need that. Traveling with three pairs of shoes, a make-up bag that weighs four kilos, three or four jackets, 15 t-shirts, five different cameras, and more than one full-sized backpack is just not necessary. Firstly, when packing for a backpacking trip, take the pile of clothes you think you need and cut the number in half. Then cut it in half again. Seriously. Rather than pack multiple items of mediocre quality, invest in multi-purpose backpacking gear and clothing that will give you years of use in a variety of different climates. In time, you will find you only pack the bare essentials and you’ll be much happier when your pack is a comfortable weight. If you are not using what you packed at least once a week, then it doesn’t belong in your backpack. For plenty more inspiration on what to pack, check out my full backpacking packing list.

BYOF – Bring Your Own Fins

Image Credit: Petey21 for Wikimedia Commons If you are a marine person and are thinking of exploring marine life yourself then it is better to bring your own fins. This is one of the best ways to save a few notes as the resorts and hotels charge you for the equipment on a daily basis. It is better suggested to bring your own equipment and skip all the hassles related to rentals that might get heavy on your pocket. You might not find this travel tip all Maldives guides. Suggested Read: Maldives Vs Bahamas: Which Island Nation Is Best Suited For You?

Learn The Local Language

A Maldives travel guide remains incomplete without this point. Whether traveling to Maldives or any other country for a vacation, it is always better to learn the basic words in the official language for a smooth experience. In Mauritius, the official language is Dhivehi so you can learn a few phrases, questions, and words. But, it is not necessary to do so as Mauritius has its tourism game strong which is why you will see most of the people speaking in English, especially at resorts and restaurants. As there is no language barrier, you might not find any problem on your vacation if you do not know the local language. It is totally up to you whether you want to include a translation book in your Maldives tour plan. Suggested Read: Maldives Surfing: A Handy Guide To Enjoy This Fascinating Activity In 2021!

Save Money By Having Brunch

If you are planning a 5 days trip to the Maldives then you must have an idea of the overall cost that will be needed for the trip. Though you have fixed the budget for the trip if you can manage to save some extra bucks while on the trip then that will be a cherry on the cake for you as you can keep the saved money for your next trip. Well, some planning can save your money and make your next trip budget-friendly. You can have a heavy breakfast between 10 am to 11 am and then you won’t feel like having lunch in the afternoon. Suggested Read: Sri Lanka Vs Maldives: The Differences & Similarities Between The Two Jewels Of Indian Ocean!

Seaplanes Are Wonderful There In Maldives

The experience of flying to the Male International Airport is stunning. Tourists, who love to explore some wonderful Islands and places to visit in Maldives, you will have to bear some extra buck if they wish to cherish the journey by seaplane which starts from around US$200 but the views are really eye-pleasing that it is worth spending penny while traveling. Whenever you are booking the hotels there in the Maldives, you need to make sure that you book the seaplanes also in advance as these seaplanes are scheduled and available as per the demand and you will be getting the booking confirmation only just one night before you start your trip to the Maldives. Suggested Read: Social Distancing In Maldives: Creative Ways To Stay Safe, Sanitized, And Yet Close To Nature

You Don’t Need A Visa While Travelling To Maldives

If you want to enter to roam around the Maldives then you don’t need any pre-arrival visa. However, visitors of the Maldives will get a thirty-day visa which is issued on the day of arrival in the Country at the airport only. Therefore, arranging visa and its validity are not the things that you need to take into consideration but your passport should have 6 months of validity remaining. This validity is needed to ensure a valid return ticket from the Maldives. Suggested Read: Planning To Travel To Maldives With A Kid? Take Tips From The Family Who Vacationed Like A Pro

From November To April Is The Best Time To Visit Maldives

When you are planning to visit the Maldives, you must have an understanding of the climate over there so that you can have a memorable trip to the Maldives. Well, the best time to visit different Islands in Maldives. Usually, vacationers love to visit there in the Maldives in the month of December and the rush for visitors continue till the month of March. The Maldives are pretty much with perfect weather with an average temperature of 32 degrees Celcius. Suggested Read: Snorkeling In Maldives: Your Ultimate Guide To Explore The World Under Water!