Travel tips

Buy Sim Cards At The Airport

One of the most common tips for a Maldives trip that all bloggers will give you is to buy a sim card (or two) at the airport itself once you land. And that makes sense if you like to keep your Instagram followers about what’s going on your trip, since the WiFi service in many resorts in the Maldives is untrustworthy. You’ll end up relying on mobile data half the time, and it’ll come in handy in case there is an emergency or you’re stuck somewhere. So, while you plan a trip to Maldives, make sure you put this down as the first task post landing. This is one of the most important Maldives travel tips that you need to consider. Suggested Read: Maldives Vs Andaman: Which One Will Make The Cut For Your 2021 Vacation?

Drone Photography? First Check If They’re Allowed

Who wouldn’t want to capture that incredible mix of white Maldivian beaches and blue waters from the skies? But if you’re planning on bringing a drone to the Maldives, then there are some things you must consider. Many resorts in Maldives have a “No Drone” policy to foster the protection of their guests’ privacy and violating these could land you in serious trouble. So the major travel tips for Maldives will always tell you to check with your resort if they would allow you to fly drones on the island that you’re staying on. Suggested Read: 12 Finest Airports In Maldives Which Will Definitely Make Your Travel Experience Better Than Before!

Spend At Least One Night In A Water Bungalow

You don’t visit such breathtaking tropical destinations with glamorous overwater villas every day. So, when you’re in the Maldives, make the most of this opportunity, even if it means spending just a little more. Your Maldives trip plan is incomplete without the experience of the crystal clear turquoise ocean right under your feet, especially if you’re on your honeymoon in Maldives. While Maldivian beach villas are also pretty awesome, nothing can beat the experience of staying in a water bungalow where you will wake up to gorgeous sunrises and can slide right into the ocean from your room itself! Therefore, if you are planning to spend few days in those water bungalows and not being able to figure out what to prepare for the Maldives trip, this article will help you to understand the nature of the trip that you can plan for. Suggested Read: 13 Maldives Resorts For A Luxurious Vacation With Your Loved Ones In 2021!

Avoid Changing Places Frequently

Image Source While planning a stay in the Maldives, make sure to pick just one hotel or resort and spend your vacation there rather than doing island hopping. Moving from one place to another in the Maldives is quite hectic and it doesn’t seem like a seamless transfer. Apart from Male, one has to hire a speedboat or seaplane to travel from one island to another. Suggested Read: 25 Best Islands In Maldives For Honeymoon To Have A Secluded Vacation In 2021 With Your Bae

Bikinis Are Not Allowed Everywhere

Image Source Try not to disregard the conservative culture of the Maldives which is still prevalent in the local islands. Practice modesty and wear bikinis or skin-tight clothing only when at the resort islands. On the local islands, there are some “bikini beaches”, which are specially meant for tourists to visit. Amon all the Maldives travel tips Suggested Read: Parasailing In Maldives – A Complete Guide To This Fascinating Sport

Don’t Forget Your Sunscreen

Image Source Being a tropical location, it is necessary for travelers to bring sunscreen with them to protect the skin from being damaged. But make sure to not plan on buying the sunscreen from the Maldives, as it is very expensive on the island. And alongside that also ensure that you try to use reef-safe sunscreen as the chemicals in other sunscreens damages the magnificent and preserved coral and marine life. Suggested Read: Mauritius Vs Maldives For Holiday: Which One To Pick For Your 2021 Holiday?

Should You Tip Or Not?

Here is another point that you might want to note while talking about Maldives travel tips. Tipping is not a conventional practice in the Maldives therefore, it is not an obligation to tip in this country. Whether staying at a hotel or eating at a restaurant, you will see that giving tips for the service is not a common practice in the Maldives like it is in many other countries. Having said that, if you still feel that the service provided was commendable and you should praise it then you can provide a tip but you are not obliged to. So, giving a tip totally depends on you and no one else. Further Read: Maldives Or Bora Bora For Honeymoon: Which One Should You Go To In 2021? With all the above-mentioned Maldives travel tips, it is necessary to carry sufficient US Dollars for its wide acceptability along with MVR or Maldivian Rufiyaa Equals. The local islands are dominated by Islamic culture, be respectful towards it. For the rest, leave it to us to plan your Maldives vacation!

Take advantage of layovers

If you’re like me and take advantage of awesome flight deals, you may end being stuck in a very long layover. If it’s no extra cost to you, then why not turn it into a couple of days? I would much rather spend my time exploring a city than being stuck in its airport. Hell, it’d be worth it to me even if I had only a couple of hours. (I once spent a 4-hour layover going on a pub crawl in Amsterdam at 9 am.) In summation, one of the best airport travel tips I can give to you is don’t stay in them at all. Get out, use your time wisely, and enjoy every moment you can.

Look for food and drink specials

It’s always happy hour somewhere guys! (Am I right?) There’s always some sort of special deal going on down the street and on certain days of the week. Granted, not every country or city celebrates happy hour but that doesn’t mean that aren’t other savings around. So do your research, ask locals, and look for deals around town. Amass coupons and check online for nightly specials. As one local once told me: “Only suckers pay full price.” This is a tip for saving money backpacking to not ignore.

Cook your own food

Want to learn an important secret to traveling long term? Learn to cook budget meals for yourself! Eating out at restaurants every single night in any country will eat into your budget big time. If you are backpacking in Europe for a couple of months, there is simply no way you can eat out every night without blowing through money. Moreover, eating out consistently for more than a couple weeks probably isn’t the healthiest option. Learn how to cook your own food on the road and you will make new friends in the hostel kitchen, eat well, and save a fuck-ton of money long term. A backpacker well-versed in healthy budget cooking is always the most popular person at the hostel, so to prepare for your backpacking trip, learn a few cheap and easy recipes before you take off