Travel tips

Don’t Over Think It

If there’s ever a time to toss your planner, it’d be a night in Vegas. There are so many things to do, just let go and see where the night takes you.

Wear Sun Protection

If looking and feeling like a lizard isn’t your thing, bring plenty of skin lotion, sunblock, and lip balm. Hats, caps, and visors are a good idea too. Of course, sunglasses are a must, think Elvis!

The Quick Change

During pool season, beach clubs transform into nightclubs the moment the sun goes down. Save time and money by dressing for both. For ladies, skimpy clothing is a staple in Las Vegas so that sexy black sundress can double as a cocktail dress if you stuff the right accessories into your beach tote.

Vegas Virgins, Strip It!

There’s no second chance to make a first impression. First-timers should stay right on the Strip and experience Vegas’ full octane!

Travel Midweek

You can save tons of money by traveling to Vegas midweek, versus fighting the weekend crowds. Many of the big hotels like Flamingo, The Link, and Circus Circus offer specials starting at $29/night (don’t forget about resort fees though). You can use all that money you saved on going out to a nice meal or trying your luck at the slots. Christy Woodrow –

Budget And Pace Yourself

Vegas is a city that seduces money right out of your pockets. It’s easy to get mesmerized by the lights, glitz, and glam. Set a daily spending max, pace yourself, and stick to your budget.

Not Just the Griswald Family Vacation

As Las Vegas is often perceived as the ultimate playground for adults, it goes without saying that many people opt to leave the kids at home. Unless you are planning to recreate yet another sequel to the Griswald’s Family Vacation, there are some amazing family-oriented activities in Las Vegas. The Lion Habitat is an exciting safari adventure that can be enjoyed by all members of the family. Circus Circus caters to all varieties of big kids. In the summer time, you can make a splash at WetNWild Water Park.

Zip It Up

With excitement on every corner, Las Vegas doesn’t disappoint. If you’re looking for a cheap thrill, check out the SlotZilla zip line and zip on down over downtown Fremont. Looking for more thrills, discover some of the best vegas thrill rides.

Book Your Hotel, ASAP!

Unless there is some kind of flash sale, room rates go up the closer you get to the booking date. Most resorts let you cancel for free within 48 hours, so book early with confidence. That said, check cancellation policies, as hotel rules vary. View the latest Vegas hotel deals now.

Drink Water!

Vegas is hot and dry, so when walking the Strip you may not even realize you’re sweating. Always carry water with you and stay hydrated. Signs of heat exhaustion are dizziness, nausea, fatigue, and headache.