Travel tips

Go Bare

Marketed as top-optional, the Bare Pool on top of the Mirage Hotel and Casino is a unique and relaxed experience. Unlike other pools, females can go topless and it offers complimentary chaises. Bare provides a unique experience to try if it’s your cup of tea.

Drive a Lamborghini Gallardo

While the Las Vegas Strip has a lot of great attractions and activities to enjoy, take some time to venture off the strip for an experience that most visitors don’t get. A short drive from Las Vegas can get you to unique experiences like carving up the Nevada desert on an off-road dune buggy or race a Lamborghini Gallardo around the Las Vegas Motor Speedway. These bucket list items can only be had once you leave the strip behind. Joe at

Discount Food Shop

Before leaving on your trip, be sure to browse sites like Travelzoo, Groupon, and and for restaurant discounts.

Have fun at Lake Mead

There are many water-based activities to enjoy at the lake that the Hoover Dam was built. Escape the chaos of the strip and cool off from the summer heat here. There are many boat tours and activities you can book online.

More Money Means More Money!

Room prices at more expensive hotels have equally robust costs across the boards. If you’re booking a room at a higher-end hotel like Wynn or Encore, budget for hefty food and beverage tabs. Factor in the costs of

Beat The Back Home Blues

Lots of folks crash hard coming down from the high of an unforgettable Vegas trip. Schedule some fun events when you get back home to help fill that Vegas void.

See A Show, For Sure!

Vegas shows are world-class! Take the opportunity to see at least one show during your visit. That said, don’t stress and overbook shows either–one good show goes a long way in the “great memories” department.

Drink On The House

Most casinos offer free drinks to keep people gambling, so while you’re playing, wait for a cocktail waitress to come and take your order. Tips, however, are expected and welcome.

Don’t Carry Alcohol In The Country

Image Source The Maldives is a country that is slightly Muslim dominated and the only place where someone can enjoy a drink without any worries, is at the private resorts. One of the best Maldives travel tips we can give you is to not carry alcohol while entering the country. There is a risk of them being taken away or the travelers might be fined by the custom. Suggested Read: Super Exciting Things To Do On A Budget Honeymoon In Maldives In 2021

The Bioluminescent Beach Must Not Be Missed

Visiting the Baa Atoll should be among the top 10 travel tips to know before you go as this will be a once-in-a-lifetime experience to see the planktons emitting luminescent toxins during the night under the sky, creating a starry look on the ocean bed. This is one of the most unique things to do in the Maldives. There are many resorts offering bioluminescent tours, but you must verify their authenticity first. Make sure you check the timing of this phenomenon beforehand when you are planning or figuring out how to travel to the Maldives, so you can pick the islands or resorts for your stay accordingly. Suggested Read: Maafushi Island: A Guide To The Unexplored Land In Maldives, That’ll Leave You Mesmerized