Travel tips

Steak Tartare is not steak with tartar sauce

I learned that the hard way. Charlie Gildawie Skyscanner Senior Software Engineer

Don’t get angry

Don’t waste energy getting upset with unseasoned travellers who don’t stand one metre back (or behind the painted line) from the luggage belt, so that everyone can see luggage arriving. I haven’t managed this yet though, and it always infuriates me! More: 13 most annoying plane passengers Annica Jansson, Skyscanner Market Development Manager, Nordics Listen to the Skyscanner travel podcast 7 Deadly Sins of Air Travel below:

There will always be Toblerone

Got to the end of your holiday but forgotten to get gifts? No worries! It is a mathematical certainty that the world’s favourite mountain-shaped Swiss chocolate will always be available from every duty free airport shop on earth. Sam Poullain, Skyscanner PR Manager, APAC

Hide your guidebook

If you’re in London and need to ask directions then to stop people avoiding you, hide your guide book and map. If you’re in Glasgow and you want to avoid constantly being offered directions, hide your guidebook and map. David Hamill, Skyscanner Principal Interaction Designer

Don’t be paranoid

Be wise and be wary, but try not to be paranoid. I once travelled with a guy who couldn’t relax because he was convinced everyone was out to steal his money or diddle him. He lost his car keys at one point and started blaming the family who had put us up for the night in the desert. He eventually found the keys at the bottom of his sleeping bag. More: 10 Travel Scams that cost unwary travellers Charlie Pank, Skyscanner Senior Software Engineer

Just go

If you have a strong urge to ‘go travelling’ or even just to see one specific place, start saving and go for it! Don’t delay. Don’t defer. Just do it, or you will regret it when you’re too old/attached/busy to travel. Laura Wilson, Skyscanner Search Marketing Manager

Sitting is tiring

Travelling some distance through the air makes you tired, even if all you do the whole time is sit in a comfy seat. Crawford Tait, Skyscanner Technical Manager

Take the hard way

The more difficult the travel challenge, the more rewarding it is; driving to Kazakhstan was a crazy life-experience; flying there would have just been a ‘trip’. Charlie Pank, Skyscanner Senior Software Engineer

Slow down

Traveling is like life, it’s the journey that’s fun. Don’t just try to get to your destination as quickly as possible. Travel more slowly and you’ll discover more. Ben Hardy, Skyscanner Test Support

DIY travel is best

If you want to really experience a new country and culture, hire a car and plan it all yourself. It is the freedom to do what you want and when you want, that makes for the best trips of all. Dean Cornish, Skyscanner Software Engineer