Truckers tips

SharePlay in FaceTime

Another handy iOS 15 tip that will be quite popular once the majority of iPhone owners install the update. By majority, we mean both the consumers and developers. Apple has added a SharePlay function that lets users on a FaceTime call listen to Music via Apple Music, watch shows via Apple TV, etc. Basically, you’ll be able to enjoy watching movies or listening to music with your friends while on a FaceTime call. Expect to see companies like Spotify, Netflix, Disney, etc., offer similar integration with FaceTime. Apple has also added the Screen Share function that allows the user to share the screen with other participants over a FaceTime call. Read our dedicated post to learn about screen sharing on FaceTime. SharePlay is not a part of the initial iOS 15 release but should debut later this fall.

Keep Open Communication

This applies to virtually every career, but fostering healthy communication can make a world of difference in your career as a commercial truck driver. Make sure you establish good relationships with your dispatchers and your trucking company and ensure that you keep communication open. This business relies heavily on coordination in order to keep everything flowing smoothly, so make sure you don’t neglect communication, or you’ll essentially be driving blind.

Be Flexible

Because there are so many different types of jobs available to drivers, remaining flexible is extremely important. If you hold a variety of endorsements and are able to operate a variety of equipment, your opportunities open up immensely. Being open to driving flatbeds, moving furniture, hauling heavy equipment, or carrying passengers allows you to access some niche driving careers that many CDL holders end up missing out on. While these types of jobs require some additional experience, they also often pay more than standard jobs.

Refresh Your CDL Knowledge

Perhaps the most important trucking tip is to keep your CDL knowledge up to date. Whether this means increasing your certifications, adding new endorsements, or simply taking a knowledge refresher course, keeping your knowledge fresh is essential if you want to boost your trucking career. At Truck Driver Institute, we don’t just offer certification courses for new drivers, we also offer refresher training for seasoned pros looking to polish up their skills.

Know Your Worth

As the world begins to reopen post-pandemic, truck drivers are becoming more and more in demand. Don’t waste any time with a company that treats you poorly, because there are countless companies that will recognize just how important you are as an employee. Truckers are an essential part of our economy, and being aware of this will help you make sure you’re receiving the treatment you deserve.

Practice Parking Often

Semi trucks are large and tend to be a bit unwieldy, meaning that parking can be a difficult endeavor. Truck Driver Institute works hard to ensure that drivers are competent at parking their big rigs, but practice truly does make perfect. Avoid any embarrassing mishaps by practicing your parking skills, especially backing, whenever you get the chance. Don’t wait until you have to pull into a tight space to practice, instead take advantage of empty parking lots whenever possible.

Keep a Clean Driving Record

If you’re looking to maintain your career as a truck driver, it is imperative that you keep your driving record clean. This doesn’t just apply to your CDL record, but to your personal vehicle record as well. No tickets, no accidents, no log book violations or other citations. Keep your insurance up to date as well, to avoid the possibility of a suspended license. When driving is your livelihood, it’s extremely important that you establish yourself as a safe and responsible driver.

Have a Backup GPS

There are few things worse than getting lost, and this awful feeling is only amplified when it happens on the job and you’re crunched for time. Because technology has a habit of breaking just when we need it the most, it’s best to keep a backup GPS handy, or else risk finding yourself stranded somewhere unfamiliar. There are several options for which GPS to keep in your truck, and Garmin’s technology remains some of the most reliable while staying within a budget.

Have Entertainment Options

While this may not seem like much of a career tip, keeping yourself entertained while driving can make a world of difference. It takes time to get used to spending these extended hours alone, but by having a variety of entertainment options you can help yourself adjust just a little bit faster. Many people find that listening to music can get a bit monotonous, take some time to find a few podcasts or audiobooks that pique your interest. That way, you can learn something new while keeping yourself focused on the road.

Focus on a Healthy Diet

As a truck driver, it can be extremely easy to fall into unhealthy habits when on the road. When you don’t have access to kitchens and you’re stuck sitting for extended periods of time, you may find yourself adopting an unhealthy lifestyle. Not much can be done about the extended time on the road, but by focusing on a healthier diet you can help keep yourself in tip-top shape and avoid any adverse effects on your overall health. Plus, physical health goes hand in hand with mental health, and keeping both of these in check will lead to much higher overall satisfaction.