Tutorial tips

When starting out in a world with no food if there's a village nearby collect the Hay bales, I got this much bread from just one fairly normal sized village

[Tutorial] Get Special Faces Watchfaces for ever.

I saw many people having the Watchfaces disappear after a while so I thought I would tell you how I got them since 3 days and they never disappeared.1.: go into the "Watch" App and choose a Nike+/Hermes face, customise it how you like it and add it to your Watch2.: now go to the "My Watch" tab, tap on "edit" and delete all your other Watchfaces 3.: Tadaa you now have a permanent Special FaceEDIT: For some users, it doesn't work. I can just say it works for me since 3 days. If you haven't tried it yet, you should definitely try it, as the steps are very easy.EDIT 2: It just disappeared (day 4)

By building your build upside down through a layer of glass, you can make it look like a reflection :)