Tutorial tips

Rusty Doors and Trapdoors can be replaced by wooden stuff and iron blocks can be replaced polished granite

Switch to classic ui for a more fluid java like experience.

Use buttons on top of fences and walls to add detail

Add some thin diffusion to your LED panel or you can get ugly, multi-shadows like this. Just wanted to do a mini-demo for anyone who hasn't seen this before

[Tutorial] Invisible music controls with activator everywhere.

Change tracks and play/pause music with force touch.You will need: ActivatorForcetouchswitchAssign left scree force touch everywhere to previous track in activator, same with the right and play/pause with bottom force touch, forcetouchswitch will prevent the left force touch to start the app switcher and there you go.

You can put a light source under a trapdoor, slab, carpet, and more. The room will still be lit up! So say, "Bye!" to all of those ugly light sources!

Buy an iPhone 4S off eBay for $20, connect it to your WiFi, install Remote Messages (iOS 9), and sign-in to your iCloud/iMessage account. Boom you can now send and receive texts from your PC.

When building 3x3 houses, make walls out of trapdoors for more interior space but a more compact exterior

You can put boat in a minecart. You will get a 2nd seat, and by rowing you will speed up without powered rails (Java only)