Top 10 Two best friends play tips

Manage Virtual Desktop Windows 10:-

As the Windows 10 built-in feature, the virtual desktop lets us implement multiple desktops to run different programs that without affect each other. If you have plenty of applications to use in the meantime that will slow down the computer. To avoid this happens, we can put relative types together to one desktop. Here are some short keys that help you to manage a virtual desktop with ease.Ctrl + Windows + D: Add virtual desktop. Or you can click the task view icon on the taskbar to create a new virtual desktop. Windows + Tab: Open the task list view.Windows + Ctrl + F4 : Close or delete current virtual desktop. Windows + Ctrl + ←/→: Switch between virtual desktop Windows 10.

Record a Video by Using Shortcut Keys:-

Press Windows + G combination key then check on Yes This is a game. When a window appears at the bottom of the screen, click on the Record icon to start. Alternatively, using Windows + Alt + R key to record instead. Note: You can find the video in the C:Users<Username>VideosCaptures folder.

View Basic Information about Your Computer:-

It is necessary to check information about your computer before installing a program. Generally, we have to click on: Start > Settings > System >About or Control PanelSystem and SecuritySystem to view the details. But this seemed to be a hassle, in fact, you only need to click the Windows + Pause break key.

SharePlay in FaceTime

Another handy iOS 15 tip that will be quite popular once the majority of iPhone owners install the update. By majority, we mean both the consumers and developers. Apple has added a SharePlay function that lets users on a FaceTime call listen to Music via Apple Music, watch shows via Apple TV, etc. Basically, you’ll be able to enjoy watching movies or listening to music with your friends while on a FaceTime call. Expect to see companies like Spotify, Netflix, Disney, etc., offer similar integration with FaceTime. Apple has also added the Screen Share function that allows the user to share the screen with other participants over a FaceTime call. Read our dedicated post to learn about screen sharing on FaceTime. SharePlay is not a part of the initial iOS 15 release but should debut later this fall.

Master Focus Mode

The default Do Not Disturb mode gets a new avatar with the Focus mode in iOS 15. Instead of a single Do Not Disturb mode, you get to choose among Home, Work, Sleep, and more Focus profiles with customized notifications and calls behavior for each. Swipe down from the upper right corner and long-tap on the Focus menu. You can select from one of the default iOS Focus profiles. You can further customize each mode by selecting which apps and contacts are allowed to send notifications.

Quickly Save a Picture:-

How do you save images from the website to your PC? Do you right-click on the target item and select Save image as an option? Please stop doing that again! You can move your mouse to the objective picture and then drag it to your desktop.

Open the Preview Function for Your Files:-

Imagine that you have several similar files saved in the same place, and what’s worse, you cannot recognize which is the one you need. Under these circumstances, the dumbest way to do it is by opening them one-by-one until finding it. Nevertheless, opening the Preview feature can bring a lot of convenience to you. Press Windows + E to open the File Explorer window, click on View > Preview pane. Click on the files and then you can see the preview pane shows on the right side.

Create Custom Focus Profiles

Apple hasn’t stopped with a barebone Focus mode in iOS 15. The company even allows you to create custom Focus profiles based on your usage and convenience. From the Settings > Focus menu, you can create as many Focus profiles such as Writing, Yoga, Meditation, and more. For each Focus profile, you can customize the Home screen and Lock screen as well. The possibilities are endless here. The good news is, all the Focus profiles get synced among all your Apple devices using the same Apple account.

Notification Summary

This one is mighty useful to get you through a busy day. Notification summary combines notifications from irrelevant apps and sends you the summary of it at a specific time. By default, it’s turned off. You can enable the toggle from the Settings > Notifications menu and select the relevant time you want to be reminded about the notifications.

Notepad: How to Insert Current Time and Auto-Record The Last Open Time:-

In this part, we will show you two computer tricks of Notepad: including how to insert current time and auto-record the last open time. Type .LOG in the first row of the text document and save it. The next time you open the text, it will show you the last open time. If you want to insert the current time, press F5 or Fn + F5 on the keyboard.