Videos tips

Vary the Shots

Last but not least, make your content visually interesting while you're editing. This might be one of the most advanced video editing techniques. Try to shoot videos with many more different camera angles instead of using the same shot for the video from beginning to the end. For example, utilize two cameras to record an interview and then switch between them. Pay attention not to use these shots too frequently, otherwise it may cause your audience's disgust. Make the cuts at the right time such as based on the beat of the music or at pauses when your interviewee is talking.

Use natural light

When it comes to video lighting, the easiest option is to use the most powerful and cost-effective light source in the world. The sun! When getting ready to shoot anything on camera, let that sun shine directly on that face. This will provide a beautiful, even light that helps hide blemishes and brings out the colors in your eyes. If the sunlight looks a little harsh on your face, you can use a very sheer white curtain or even a translucent white shower curtain to help soften that light. (It’ll also help keep nosey neighbors out of your business.)

DIY a three-point light for low-light rooms

If you want to mimic a more traditional video lighting setup, you can also just keep the window to one side of your face, a set up known as key lighting. The other half of your face needs some light as well, so you’ll need what’s called fill lighting. You can just pop a lamp with a daylight-colored bulb right on the other side of your face to even that out. If you’re still seeing those unsightly shadows, you should use a bounce to direct light back onto your face. While you can cop a small bounce for just around $10, you can also use a piece of white card stock (Or a pizza box! Even aluminum foil!) to bounce the light from the window back onto your face. Pro-tip: use silver reflective surfaces — like that foil— to accomplish strong fill light, and use white surfaces for a softer, more natural fill.

Text Transcription

This is the latest addition to Bing Visual Search. With Text Transcription, you can identify objects and find similar ones on the web. Just point the camera on a text to copy and search the text written on it. You can also use it to take a picture of a phone number to call directly from your phone.  Clicking a picture of an email ID will add it directly to an existing contact, and you can even visit a website through the URL in an image.

Math Solver

Those who hate maths are going to love the next Bing search trick. Microsoft recently introduced the Math Solver feature in its search engine. It can solve mathematical equations for you. Just take a picture of the equations and tap on the “Math” button placed at the bottom menu between “Auto” and “Barcode.” You will immediately get the answer along with step by step explanation for it.

Breakout Room

In case, you are having a large meeting or a webinar, you can split-out the meeting into several rooms with separate sessions. The main host can assign sub-hosts who will deal with participants in each room. Zoom allows you to create 50 Breakout rooms of up to 200 participants; 30 Breakout rooms of up to 400 participants and 20 Breakout rooms of up to 500 participants. You can enable it from the web portal of Zoom Account Settings. From there, navigate to the Breakout Room option and enable the toggle. Having said that, bear in mind, this feature is only available to paid users.

Waiting Room

Recently, there have been many cases of Zoom Bombing where strangers and hackers show up in a meeting without any authorized access. So to avoid any such mishaps, you can enable the Waiting Room feature. It allows you to admit participants one by one or hold all attendees in the waiting room. Consider it as an essential feature to secure your Zoom meetings. To enable Waiting Room, open Zoom Account Settings on a web browser and move to “Account Management”. Here, open the “Waiting Room” option and enable it. After that, choose whom do you want to keep in the waiting room: all participants or guest participants who are not on your Zoom account or those who don’t have a Zoom account. This will stop gatecrashers to enter your Zoom meeting. In case, you are not available to authorize a guest, you can also allow “internal participants to admit guests from the waiting room”. Finally, click on “Save” and you are done. Keep in mind, this feature is only available to premium users.

Schedule Meetings

While the desktop app of Zoom has an option to schedule meetings, it requires you to open the app which can take too much time. So if you want to schedule Zoom meetings in a jiffy, install the Zoom Scheduler (Free) Chrome extension. You can just click on it and add an event then and there.

Audio Transcript

Zoom has this awesome feature where it can automatically transcribe the audio of a meeting or webinar. It will help you in record-keeping crucial parts of a meeting in a searchable VTT text file. However, this feature is only available to paid users who have opted for cloud recording. So if you are a premium user, open the web portal of Zoom Recording Settings and enable “Cloud Recording”. After that, click on “Advanced cloud recording settings” and enable the “Audio Transcript” checkbox. Now whenever you are in a meeting, choose “Cloud recording” at the bottom. Finally, after some time, you will receive an email letting you know that the audio transcript for the recording is available.

Enhance Your Look

Apart from Snap Camera integration, Zoom also offers a native option to beautify your look. It softens your skin tone and smooths out any blemish on your video display. Overall, it offers a more polished and pleasing appearance to your look while you are in a meeting. So to enable it, open Settings -> Video -> turn on “Touch up my appearance” and you are done.