Videos tips

Find terms within a fixed distance

near: helps you fix the distance between two search terms. Let’s say you want to search for the keyword “orange” within 5 words distance from the keyword “color”. Just type orange near:5 color

Limit your search to a given root domain

site/domain: can limit your search to a particular root domain like .edu, .gov, .org. Example: science site/.edu It will show websites related to science with the root domain .edu

Find specific RSS feeds

feed: can finds RSS feeds for you to make news reading easier. For example, if you love reading technology news, you can find a list of RSS feeds in Bing search results by typing feed:technology. You can do the same for sports, politics, or any other topics you can think of. hasfeed: is another advanced Bing search operator for the searching RSS feeds. It specifically finds those web pages that contain an RSS or Atom feed on their website.

Focus on a specific search term

prefer: will emphasize a search term or another operator to help the Bing search engine focus on it. For example, football prefer:history — this will bring more articles related to football history.

Find location specific results on Bing Search

loc: or location: will return search results related to a specific country or region only. You can specify the country or region code directly like this — loc: India.

Limit the size of pictures in image search

The next Bing search trick is extremely useful while searching for the perfect images. imagesize: constrains the size of returned images and is valid for Bing image search only. Example, dogs imagesize:large

  • Small – Both width and height are less than 200 pixels.
  • Medium – Both width and height are between 200 pixels and 500 pixels
  • Large – Both width and height are greater than 200 pixels

Find content based on meta tags

meta: lets you filter content based on special tags in HTML. Example, meta:Search.os(“Windows 10”) This will show all pages that include windows 10 in the meta tag.

Filter search results by Title, URL, Anchor or Body

Use intitle: to search for pages containing specific keywords in the title only. Example – intitle: Indian cricket team You can use inurl: to search for web pages that contain a specific keyword in the URL. Both of these Bing search operators are handy especially if you own a website or blog and need to filter out specific pages from the directory pages. Similarly, inanchor: or inbody: looks for keywords in anchor or body of the web page.