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Bing Education Carousel

This Bing tip is for students and parents who would like to make learning easier. Just type “Education on Bing” to find notes on popular topics related to math, science, language, etc., for better concept building. Learners can search for specific topics too such as “Solar System” or “Periodic Table.”

Watch a preview in Bing Video Search

If you hover the mouse over the thumbnail images that appear in Bing Video Search section, a short preview of the video is played automatically with audio. It helps you figure out whether the clip is relevant without visiting the website where that video is hosted.

Search Faster Through Images

This Bing Visual Search tip will let you do a quick image search by dragging and dropping an image, from Bing or desktop, directly to the advanced image search box. Alternatively, you can also paste an image or URL directly to the search box to conduct an advanced image search on Bing.

Tell the Story

Always remember that you're telling a story to your audience when you're editing the video. And a good story-teller knows the basic structures of storytelling are beginning, development, climax and end. Otherwise, it seems that your video is just a collection of some random shots tied together. According to the types of project you're shooting for, you can choose different angles to tell the story. No matter it is a scripted feature or documentary, an interview or news story, what you should do is edit the videos in a logical way.

Master the Shortcuts

Another useful video editing tips for beginners is to master the keyboard shortcuts. As we know, edit a video is actually a time-consuming job. Therefore, it's necessary to learn the basic keyboard shortcuts during the editing. Most video editing software will offer a lot of simple shortcuts, including playback shortcuts, timeline shortcuts, tool shortcuts, marking shortcuts, project management shortcuts, and other useful shortcuts. Some video cutting tools even allow you to personalize your own shortcuts. Mastering these shortcuts will save you a lot of time when you're doing repetitive tasks frequently and then make you become a more efficient and faster video editor.

Select the Right Tool

This is one of the most important video editing tips. Since there are plenty of different video editing tools on the Internet, some are complicated and some are less functionality. Thus, choose a suitable one becomes critical for beginners. If you are the newcomer to this field, we recommend you to opt for an easy-to-use yet powerful video cutting tool like Joyoshare Media Cutter. Joyoshare Media Cutter is a video/audio cutter, joiner and editor. You can use it to trim the large video into small pieces, remove the unwanted parts of a video, merge the video clips together, and edit the video in the way you like. With remarkable video editing features, you can trim or crop the videos frame by frame, rotate the video 90 degree left or right, adjust the aspect ratio, brightness, contrast, saturation and hue, add watermarks, texts and subtitles to the video, replace the original audio by upload a new audio file. More importantly, you can add some special video and sound effects to make the video amazing.

Curious about your competitors? Here’s how to see their stats

Want to see what your competitors are up to on YouTube and what kind of analytics they have? You can use BirdSong Analytics for YouTube to check any publicly available YouTube channel – including yours, of course. Analytics is a great tool for improvement, as it allows you to see what works and what doesn’t; with BirdSong, you’ll be able to see any channels’ engagement and video analytics, their video search optimisation to help improve your video SEO, and other valuable metrics. #YouTube tips & tricks: check any channels' analytics with @birdsongsocial #videomarketingClick To Tweet

Use a tool to manage your YouTube Channel in a fraction of the time

ᐧ In fact, in my conversation with Evan Carmichael last year, who is a top YouTuber, he mentioned how much he’s struggling to keep track of all his comments and respond to them in an easy and timely manner. When you have a big channel that gets a lot of love, it can be very difficult to manage the whole thing. That’s where Agorapulse come in, who only recently released YouTube management features. With it, you can:

  • See all of your comments in one place and respond to them
  • See exactly what comments need checking and which you’ve already gone through
  • Assign comments to different members of your team
  • Save common replies so that you can save time by responding to comments with just a couple of clicks
  • Monitor your channel name and other keywords to stay on track of any mentions and handle them as soon as they come in #YouTube tips & tricks: manage your account with @Agorapulse to save time #videomarketingClick To Tweet

Upload a 360-degree video and dazzle your audience

Normal videos are great and all, but everyone can make one of those. Want to go to the next level of awesomeness and really impress your audience? One of the ways you can do this is by creating and uploading a 360-degree video. Or, a virtual reality video. Or even a 3D video. Of course, you’ll first need the equipment to create such videos – then, simply follow the instruction from YouTube here to upload and post them. #YouTube tips & tricks: upload a 360-degree video #videomarketingClick To Tweet

Using songs in your videos? Here’s how to find out what their copyright policies are

If, however, you want to use a more popular song in your video, you should first check out what their copyright policies are like – no sense in getting your video taken down just because you used a few seconds of a song that you shouldn’t have. To check music policies, go back to the Creator Studio, click on Create and then select Music Policies: Some don’t allow people to use their music at all; others have a monetization scheme going on, so there will be ads during your video; others only allow their music in certain countries. Basically, you should always check before using a song (no matter how much of it you’re actually using in the video). You can search for music easily with the search bar, and once you find what you’re looking for, simply click on them to see what their specific restrictions are: #YouTube tips & tricks: how to find out copyright policies for the music you use #videomarketingClick To Tweet