Walt disney world tips

Visit a Disney Outlet

Do you want to save some money on your park souvenirs? Disney’s Character Warehouse is a Disney Outlet where excess Disney Theme Park merchandise is sold heavily discounted. Many of the items are still available at a higher price inside the parks. There are 2 outlets you can visit:-

  • Orlando Premium International Outlets on International Drive
  • Orlando Vineland Premium Outlets near Disney Springs

The Animal Kingdom is not just about rides and shows

Take your time; there is a lot to see and explore at Animal Kingdom. The Animal Kingdom has become one of the best places to experience street food and snacks. Keep your eye out for a delicious lunch as you explore the park.

Free water

Bottled water soon adds up in price, but you can get water for free. Ask at any quick-service location for a free glass of water.

Visiting Walt Disney World when pregnant

Being pregnant is not a reason to stop a visit to Walt Disney World. However, there are several attractions in every park that pregnant guests are advised not to ride. Signage posted at every attraction highlights which rides are not suitable for expectant mothers. The signs also provide information on height requirements, health and safety advisories, and accessibility guidelines. You can still have plenty of fun at Walt Disney World if you are pregnant, but there will be some attractions you will have to skip on this visit. You are welcome to call (407) 939-5277 for further information.

Beware of Timeshare companies

If a deal seems too good to be true, it probably isn’t genuine. Timeshare companies often offer cheap tickets, but you must be very careful before taking up any offers!

Don’t buy tickets off eBay

Don’t buy off eBay or from other sites offering extremely cheap tickets. There is a good chance they will be a con.

Never buy second-hand tickets

It is impossible to know whether the advertised unused days are correct, plus all tickets are untransferable. It is likely your tickets will likely be useless.

Shop around for tickets

While the Walt Disney World website makes picking tickets easy, there are usually several ways to purchase slightly cheaper tickets. However, when looking for tickets, you should purchase from reputable retailers only.

Can we share tickets?

Walt Disney World tickets are non-transferable.

Service dogs are allowed

Most service dogs are allowed inside parks and can even ride with you on some attractions.