Walt disney world tips

Have breaks

The Orlando heat can be heavy going, especially in the summer months. Plan to have a break during your day, e.g., return to your hotel or have a table service meal.

Pace yourself

Take your time. Disney World is huge. You can’t do it in just 1 or 2 days. If you go charging around the World on your first day, trying to do all those big attractions, you will burn out.

Create a plan

We all like to relax on vacation, taking each day as it comes. However, Walt Disney World is one vacation you must plan! Arguably, the removal of FastPass+ does make some of the Walt Disney World planning a lot easier. However, you should plan where you want to eat, what parks you want to visit, and what your must-do attractions are. Failure to make a plan, and you might miss out! If you want help completing your plan, visit our Free Walt Disney World Vacation Planning Sheets.

Remember your previous tactics may no longer work

A lot has changed at Walt Disney World. Many seasoned Disney veterans have discovered that their previous park strategies no longer work. However, we have another 200 tips, tricks, and hacks that work when visiting Walt Disney World in 2021.

Have plenty to drink

Not drinking enough is perhaps the biggest mistake you can make at Walt Disney World. Carry water and drink regularly. Dehydration and sunstroke are easy to acquire but easy to prevent.

Be prepared for every type of weather

Orlando weather can be unpredictable, and if you are not prepared can ruin the enjoyment of your vacation. Read our top Orlando Weather Tips.

Bring a poncho or waterproof

If it rains when you are in the park, you can buy a poncho. However, they are costly.

Have access to the park Wi-Fi.

Online access is essential in Walt Disney World. We have even previously named it our Number 1 Walt Disney World Tip.

If you have a disability let Disney know in advance

Before your visit, you can contact Walt Disney World at (407) 560-2547 or [email protected] to discuss your requirements.

Consider hiring a ECV

Many adults will also find walking at Walt Disney World difficult. The Orlando heat and humidity can contribute to difficulties, and hiring an ECV might become essential. Further details are available in our Guide to Disabilities at Walt Disney World.