Walt disney world tips

Bring your own Pepsi.

Disney is a 100% Coca Cola property so be sure to bring your own bottles of Pepsi if you need your daily fixin’.

Order Mickey Check Meals for your kids.

If you want your kids to eat healthy, Mickey Check Meals are perfect for highly nutritious meal options.

Ask a cast member for nutritional information if you’re trying to stay healthy.

Some of Disney’s food is pretty unhealthy (delicious, but unhealthy) so if you’re on a diet, be sure to ask for calorie and nutrition info before ordering your food.

Plan the right meals for arrival and departure days.

You might not give this much thought but planning your meals on these days are sometimes pretty tricky. If you don’t have park tickets for these days I recommend you check out Disney Springs or Disney’s Boardwalk for good eats. And of course you can also check out those cafeteria style restaurants at Disney resorts like Pepper Market (Coronado Springs) or Landscape of Flavors (Art of Animation Resort).

Eat a few meals at other resorts, or better, your resort.

You actually might find a hidden gem in your resort. Plus since most people are probably at the parks, chances are your resort restaurant might be emptier. This is especially good for walk-ins.

If dinner reservations are sold out, try lunch.

Lunch reservations are sometimes easier to get since most people don’t want to make a reservation mid day because their schedules can sometimes be unpredictable. That’s why I recommend you try a lunch one because it’s generally easier to score. Especially for places like Be Our Guest, Biergarten, and Le Cellier.

Don’t have a dining reservation? visit the World Showcase at Epcot because most are slow enough for walk-ins.

Restaurants at Epcot during the weekdays are generally great choices for walk-ins. Wait times are moderate and most of the time you’ll be seated immediately. Plus, this gives you the option to check out all the other countries and see which choices you prefer best.

Get groceries delivered to your hotel room with Garden Grocer.

If you have a villa or suite with a kitchen and want to cook your own meals in your rooms, but don’t have a car, you should use Garden Grocer which will deliver your goods for you.

Book your meal during Happily Ever After or Harmonious for spectacular views.

Imagine enjoying some delicious California cuisine while being serenaded by Disney tunes and colorful fireworks. By planning a meal during the fireworks, you’ll experience one of the most memorable moments of your trip.

Try to plan your trip during the Epcot International Food and Wine Festival.

If there’s one tip that you take from this listing, it must be this one. If you love food and want to try some of the most delicious dishes and wines from over 25 different countries and regions, you MUST come during the Food and Wine Festival. It’s incredible! Usually runs from mid-September to early November.