Walt disney world tips

Spend a Day at a Water Park.

It’s the perfect way for you to cool off from the unforgiving sun and enjoy the Sunshine State. If you’re familiar with the Disney water parks, then you know they’re open for most of the year. However, the party kicks into high gear during the summer months.

Have a World Drinking Tour

Drink your way around the world at Epcot…but remember the Do’s and Don’ts of Drinking at Epcot.

Visit Walt Disney World on the Perfect Days

Remember that the best time to visit Disney is early November or mid to late January. While you’re planning that perfect day to go, don’t forget to download the Disney Crowd Calendar to view the crowd level of each day!

Experience Disney’s Kiss Goodnight

Disney’s Kiss Goodnight is where you stay at the Magic Kingdom 30-minutes after closing to see some very special things. The Kiss Goodnight is a little over 2-minutes long, and it is the Magic Kingdom’s way of saying “goodbye” to guests at the end of a long day… After the park closes, Cinderella Castle starts “twinkling” as the music from When You Wish Upon a Star slowly builds.

Experience an Epcot Festival

Go to an Epcot Festival such as the Food and Wine Festival, Flower and Garden Festival, Festival of the Holidays, or the new Festival of the Arts!

As you are walking around and enjoying the resort, be sure to take down the names of cast members who really go above and beyond.

Just a friendly tip that if you see someone doing something great for you or another guest, feel free to put their name in your notes app and write an email to Disney about what you saw. This helps the cast member out and really shines a light on what makes Disney special: going above and beyond to make the guests happy.What I usually try to do is get their name, city and where they are i.e. Travis - Orlando - Friendship 4. That way there is no question who I mean. If you catch them with the 'Chris - Orlando' name tag, try to get the time you saw them and area of the park too so it can find the right person even if they are using the loaner name tags.Where to send email: [email protected]

If you can't get a reservation for Disney Springs on Disney's website, try Open Table.

I've done this on 3 separate occasions, and it's worked every time. First was Boathouse, which Disney had 0 reservations for on their website, and Open Table had the exact time we wanted. Morimoto Asia had 0 brunch reservations, and we managed to get one on open table. And last night, only 9 days from our arrival date, Wine Bar George had only 9:45, and we got 7:00 on Open Table no problem.

To avoid your clothes getting wet on splash mountain, bring a waterproof bag, get naked and put all your clothes in the bag once the ride has started. Great way to have dry clothes when getting tossed out by security.

Always use single rider when available

Take the ferry to MK from the parking lot. 2nd floor makes for great views!!!