Walt disney world tips

ADRs for Liberty Tree now open!.

They're taking December ADRs at Liberty Tree Tavern.Get on it if you care.

Camelbak + inline charcoal filter + hotel ice machine = delicious ice cold Florida water

5 minutes before and twn minutes after.

I'm sure for those of us who might go to WDW often might know this rule, but it can be beneficial to those who are planning their trips. Pkus, I don't think I've seen anyone make a post about it before. Basically, you can use your fastpass 5 minutes before it starts and 10 minutes after it ends.Meaning, if you FP starts at 4 and ends at 5, you can start using it 3:55 till 5:10. That way in case you miss your hour time limit, don't fret too much. You will still have time to use it. Hopefully this is helpful to some of y'all.

Young kids find It’s Tough To Be A Bug terrifying

There might be no height restrictions, but it probably isn’t suitable for under- 5s.

Complete Wilderness Explorers

Wilderness Explorers is a free scavenger hunt where guests earn badges for completing activities inside the Animal Kingdom. Examples of badges you can earn include:

  • Veterinary Badge – Help diagnose a sea turtle’s health issue
  • Dinosaur Badge – Join in the exploration for dinosaur fossils
  • Animal Find Badge – Check off each of the animals you see
  • Yeti Badge – Find Yeti artefacts and hear about the folklore In total, there are 30 badges to collect. To get started, guests need to collect a field guide from the headquarters, located on the bridge between the Oasis and Discovery Island.

Let the kids do Kidcot at Epcot

Don’t forget to visit Kidcot in each country to complete an activity and collect activity cards. Kidcot helps kids explore different cultures.

Hold balloons carefully

They do fly away! Jess has never forgiven me!

Watch videos before you arrive

Let the kids watch films before they visit. They will not be familiar with all characters/films before they visit, especially some classical characters. Have some family movie nights to catch up with all the latest Disney releases.

Get items delivered to your resort shop

Unfortunately, this is currently unavailable, but usually, if you are staying in a Disney Resort, you don’t have to carry items you purchase all day. Ask the staff to deliver to your resort, and you can pick it up from the shop later.