Walt disney world tips

Don’t use regular taxis

Uber & Lyft are both cheaper than the taxis you will find outside your resort hotel.

Consider hiring a locker

Most guests do not need to take much into Walt Disney World parks. If there are items you must take but do not wish to carry; lockers are available near each park entrance. All lockers are subject to availability and come with the following daily charge:

  • Small $10 a day (12″ x 10″ x 17″)
  • Large $12 a day (15.5″ x 13″ x 17″)
  • Jumbo (Magic Kingdom park and Epcot only) $15 a day (17″ x 22″ x 26″) Standard and large lockers are available at the water parks, priced at $10 or $15 a day.

Get a Celebration Button

Are you celebrating something during your visit? Whether it is a birthday or just your first visit, a celebration button will let everyone know. Disney Cast Members will even pay you special attention. To collect a celebration button, visit Guest Services.

How to charge your phone at Walt Disney World

Kiosks are located throughout Walt Disney World, selling FuelRod portable chargers. Currently, these kits cost $30. Kits include adaptors for all Apple and most Android devices. Once your charger needs replacing, you swap it at a kiosk for a new FuelRod. Previously replacement chargers were provided free, but now the situation is far more complex. Various law cases have resulted in the current situation. Another option is bringing a portable charger to the park each day.

Consider quitting smoking before visiting Walt Disney World

Walt Disney World has banned smoking inside all theme parks. You have to leave the park to smoke, and that includes electronic cigarettes.

ATMs are available

If you need to obtain cash, ATMs are located throughout Disney World and can be located on park maps.

You don’t need to carry cash at Walt Disney World

To reduce physical contact, Walt Disney World now encourages guests to use contactless forms of payment.

Don’t bring prohibited items into parks

While most prohibited items at Walt Disney World are relatively obvious, there are a few items that you might find surprising. Visit our Guide to Banned Items at Walt Disney World to learn more.

You need to decide early whether you want to stay off-site when visiting Walt Disney World

There are numerous accommodation options throughout Orlando, including transport to Disney World. Accommodation options include luxurious villas, budget motels & 5-star hotels. You will get more “Bang for Your Buck” staying off-site! We have created a guide to help you decide whether to stay on-site or off-site at Walt Disney World.

Only pack essential in your park bag

What are the things you must take into the park? Make a list of what you need, e.g., camera, autograph book, poncho. Pack your bag the night before and check it before you leave in the morning. Remember you will be carrying your bag all day. We have created a guide to what we think you should include in your Walt Disney World park bag.