Top 10 Walt disney world tips

Don’t leave parks early

Walt Disney World parks are even more magical at night, and nighttime shows have now restarted. Make sure you don’t leave before it gets dark. Plus, the last couple of hours often attract much quieter waits.

Try and spot DiVine

Part human and part tree, this fascinating lady is very hard to spot at Animal Kingdom. We are not even sure if she is still appearing!

Experience Disney Springs

Disney Springs is a wonderful shopping and dining attraction that you must experience for yourself. Not to mention that the entry to Disney Springs is absolutely FREE!

Chat with an Imagineer (Currently Unavailable)

Have lunch with an Imagineer and ask all the questions you’ve been wanting to know about your favorite attraction. This is an absolute Disney bucket list item.

Come during “free dining” promotional season.

There are times when you can get a free quick service dining plan when you book a stay for a certain amount a days during the offseason. These promotions come and go but if it fits your time frame, you should definitely consider it.

Get items delivered to your resort shop

Unfortunately, this is currently unavailable, but usually, if you are staying in a Disney Resort, you don’t have to carry items you purchase all day. Ask the staff to deliver to your resort, and you can pick it up from the shop later.

Make dining reservations 180 days prior to your visit

The last thing you’d want to do is get within 2 weeks of your trip and every restaurant that you dreamt about eating at is completely booked. That’s why is’t so important to make advanced dining reservations as soon as it’s 180 until your trip. And if ‘Ohana is on your list, I got you.

Don’t wear inappropiate clothes

Proper attire, including shoes and shirts, must be worn at all times. Perhaps surprisingly, this includes the wearing of costumes by all guests over the age of 14.

Use the Single Rider Line

A Single Rider Line is available for Expedition Everest, Millennium Falcon – Smuggler’s Run, Test Track, and Rock N Roller Coaster. Often, but not guaranteed, these lines will have a shorter wait than the regular line.

Get the dining plan if you plan on eating more that $68 worth of food (per person).

The way the Disney Dining plan works is that you typically get a certain number of credits to use during your trip. These credits are for snacks, table service restaurant meals, and quick service meals. Most people tend to go with the Basic or Plus plan which gives you one snack credit, one quick service credit, and one table service credit. All of these credits will equal out to around $68 a day for food. If you know for sure that you can eat more than $68 worth of food, then get the plan. If not, it may not be for you. But also, don’t forget, Disney is pricey so $68 might be pretty easy to attain.