Windows tips

Shutdown or Restart Your Computer

Yes, Command Prompt lets you shutdown or restart your computer. It is one of the easiest ways to execute shutdown, also you can shut down or restart another computer on your network using the Command Prompt. Type in /ito execute and open the Remote Shutdown dialog box. There and then you need to enter the name of the remote computer and choose what you want to do (restart/shutdown), then click OK. Even you can strictly shutdown or restart another computer with the shutdown command without using the Remote Shutdown Dialog. The command follows the following syntax:

shutdown [/i | /l | /s | /r | /g | /a | /p | /h | /e | /o] [/hybrid] [/f] [/m \\computername] [/t xxx] [/d [p:|u:]xx:yy] [/c “comment”] [/?]

Each one has a different role, you can check them out here.

Command History

History can help us regain or memorise a cmd command that we have used in the past. To track down the command history use the following command:

Type: doskey/history

Map A Local Folder Just Like A Network Drive

Command Prompt on Windows 10 helps its users in many ways and likewise the net use command is used to assign shared networks. There is one more command that can be used to find any folder on any of the local hard drives. This command is known as the subst command. Execute subst command, followed by the path of the folder you’re looking for. For instance, you want c:\windows\fonts to appear in a new Z: drive. Follow the command line below to make the changes

Type in: subst z: c:\windows\fonts

If you want to delete this newly created drive, you can simply enter subst /d z: command line.

Auto Complete Commands With Tab

It is quite easy and the most useful commands, you can auto-complete your cmd commands using this trick. Here, you just need to enter the portion of command and then press Tab until you find your path. You can also use Shift+Tab to step through the results in reverse order.

Hide Folders Using Command Prompt on Windows 1

Well, there’s always an alternate way to do things on Windows 10 and likewise you can use Command Prompt to mark a folder as Hidden. Usually you can do this by using the properties pane of the folder and check mark the checkbox that says Hidden. To do the same using Command Prompt, launch cmd using Win+R and navigate to the directory where your target folder is located. Now, type in: Attrib +h +s +r folder_name and press Enter. To unhide the folder, use the following cmd command:

Type in: Attrib -h -s -r folder_name

You can Disable Windows 10 lock screen

This Windows 10 operating system, just like Windows 8 features a lock screen, which is very good for a tablet or smartphone, as we cannot press anything by mistake when we keep all our mobile devices in our pockets or a bag. Hope you’ve enjoyed our article on Windows 10 Tips And Tricks. If you have any queries or doubts please comment below.

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You will have WiFi Sense to share your WiFi network with your contacts

WiFi Sense is the other handy Windows Phone feature that has made its way to the Windows 10 operating system. This feature is hidden away in the Settings > Network & Internet > WiFi > Manage WiFi Settings. This WiFi Sense lets you share your WiFi network with your friends and your family without even giving them the password. This feature automatically shares your WiFi network with all the contacts that you choose. This WiFi Sense will only share your WiFi network to all the contacts that have a Windows device.

Dynamic Lock

Using Windows + L. Dynamic Lock will be a handy feature that often pairs your PC with your device over Bluetooth, then it automatically locks your computer when you wander away from it. In order to start using it, marry the two devices in the Control Panel > then Hardware and Sound > Devices and Printers, then you have to activate the Dynamic Lock at Settings > Account > and then Sign-in options.

Using the Dark theme

If you are a dark theme lover, you will love dark themes on Windows 10. These light themes will sear your eyeballs. Fortunately, this new operating system windows 10 now supports a dark theme. You may head to Start > Settings > Personalization > and then go to Color and then select the “dark” option under the option “Choose your default app mode.” The new October 2018 Windows 10 Update extended the dark theme to include the File Explorer, too. You may now enjoy it!

Using the Cloud clipboard

The Windows 10’s copy and paste functionality have now been hit and missed for years, but now you can also now deploy that bugginess across multiple PCs with the cloud clipboard which is a genuinely very useful feature that is introduced in the October 2018 Update. You may Head to Start > Settings > System > then Clipboard and it enables the “Sync across devices” to start copying the data on one PC and then pasting it on another PC.