Windows10 tips

Use Features From The Ribbon.

There is a hidden ribbon full of windows shortcuts and quick access tools that you can use for your convenience. The Ribbon comes on the top of your screen and has many tabs containing all the necessary options for all your file operations. The Ribbon can be shown and hidden using a small arrow on the top right of your Windows Explorer screen.

Use Custom Windows Themes.

Most users do not know that you can even install and use 3rd party custom themes to change the look and feel of your windows OS. In windows 7 and Vista, all you need is the .exe file of the theme, and you are good to go. But in Windows 8 as well as 10, you need to install a theming application such as “UxStyle”. The custom theme makes your PC stand out from the rest of the computers.

Increase RAM Virtually With USB.

This is one of the most useful in all Windows tricks. It lets you increase the RAM on your system without any extra cost or installing hardware in your CPU. All you need is a flash memory stick, or simply a Pendrive and windows use it as virtual memory to smooth your PC. Click on the link below to read the full guide on how to use a Pendrive as RAM.

Read Here:- Increase Ram With USB Virtually 

The Cortana Search

Cortana, the Windows personal assistant is a powerful aide that can be compared to the likes of Apple's Siri or Samsung's Bixby, or the popular Google Assistant. “Microsoft’s voice-activated virtual assistant is more than just a direct link to Bing (or whatever search engine you’ve got her to use) — she’s, well, an assistant.”, writes CNET about this wonderful assistant. And while she can do almost anything right from singing songs (bet you didn’t know that) to setting reminders, you can also customize the way Cortana operates. Whether it’s the type of cards that you want to see or the data that Cortana accesses, there’s a whole bunch of things hiding beneath the notebook icon. Plus, Cortana handles most of the natural language commands seamlessly. All you have to say is Hey Cortana followed by the query and the humble assistant will do the work for you. While I did face an issue of Siri understanding my accent, Cortana just wowed me. Cool Tip: Cortana has a useful built-in dictionary. So if you want to test her skills, type define followed by the word and the meaning will appear instantly.

Snap Windows

An impressive feature for the multi-tasker in you. This feature lets you snap the current window to one side and simultaneously open the second one on the other side. Just press Win and right/left arrow key. What’s more, you can just scroll through the windows sans the clicks. This feature is incredibly useful to move your active windows when you have a multi-monitor system.

Alternate Start Menu

Surely, you must be knowing that you can right-click on the start button to access the Power User Menu, but what if you need it real quick? Just hit Win + X and the menu will pop up. The menu holds a lot of useful apps in its quiver, like Command Prompt, Control Panel, Mobility center, etc. And if you want to use the keys to navigate around, the up/down keys should do the trick. Another nifty trick to open the tools swiftly is to just press the underlined letter. For instance, hitting P would open the Control Panel.

Start Menu Customization

One of the best things about customization is that it lets you achieve a unique look and Windows isn’t far behind. The start menu can be customized in many ways. Right from displaying the recently added apps to the frequently used apps, all these can be turned off/on depending on your choice. You can also opt to have a full-screen display of the start menu in all its glory through the Use start full screen option. Plus, if you want to get your hands on a sleek start menu, you can start by removing all the tiles and resizing it. Did you know that Windows 10 comes packed with Action Center which keeps track of all your notifications?

Resize & Unpin Tiles

I love the start menu tiles since the time when they were first launched, providing me with useful insights into the weather, mail snippets, news, Twitter feed, etc. In order to get the most out of it, this live tiles section can be customized to your utmost satisfaction. For instance, if you want your favorite tile to occupy a much wider berth, right-click on it and choose the resize option. Similarly, for removing right-click and select Unpin from Start. Moreover, with a little tweaking in the Settings app, you can have an almost transparent start menu in Windows 10. Speaking of weather, did you know that just pressing Win+S will show you the weather and news? Well, you know it now.

Dark Theme

The Windows dark theme is one of the newer features of the Windows 10 operating system. It comes in a time when most of us were bored of the ordinary look (read ancient). Initially, the darker theme could be enabled only through the registry, but now it can be achieved with just a few clicks. Head over to the Settings > Personalisation > Colours, scroll down and choose Dark as the app mode. The dark mode would appear mostly in the settings window, though. But explore the other features of this mode and you might end up with a very different looking desktop.

Take Notes Directly from The Browser

Have you ever wished for a tool that helps you take notes directly from the browser tab? Well, here it comes! Edge gives you an innate option to do it. After opening the web page you need, press the pencil-inside-square button. That’s it! You can now highlight text, add notes and draw on the page. Finally, you can save it as a One Note file as well.