Windows10 tips

Access Windows Tools Quickly

There are times when you want to quickly uninstall a program or update the driver of a certain device. However, if you want to access those settings page then you will have to either search for it in the Windows search bar or locate the program through the Control Panel manually which is a tedious task. So if you want to access key Windows tools quickly and without going through multiple hoops then simply right-click on the Windows Start Menu and you will get all the essential Windows tools on one page. From here, you can open any tool or settings page in one click.

Open Windows Clipboard

As a beginner, you should know that Windows 10 has got a new Clipboard History feature. It allows you to see all your copied items in one place. You can further paste multiple items from your clipboard history wherever you want. This will be immensely helpful for users who use copy-paste functionality regularly. Just press Windows key + V together and you will instantly get the Clipboard History window. From there, you can navigate through all the copied items and hit enter to paste a text or an image.

Experience Tablet Mode

If you have a Windows 10 laptop with a touchscreen display then you can take advantage of the dedicated Tablet mode. It makes the UI a bit more friendly to touch input and moves the Start Menu to a launcher-like interface. Further, you can snap windows with a slide-down gesture from the top. So if you want to taste Windows 10 in Tablet mode then open the Action Center from the bottom-right corner and click on “Tablet mode”. There you have it!

Reset Windows 10

If you are having issues on your Windows 10 PC then there is nothing to worry about. Similar to smartphones, now Windows 10 features a full-fledged Reset functionality which allows you to keep your personal files and reset your computer to the latest Windows 10 build. During this process, none of your personal files and folders will be touched except for the C drive and all the programs installed from Microsoft Store will also be installed automatically. Thankfully, some of your Windows Settings will also remain intact even after the reset. So if you ever need to reset your Windows 10 computer in the future then open Windows Security from the Start Menu and navigate to Device performance and health -> Fresh Start -> Get Started. That’s all, however, I would recommend you to back up your crucial files on Windows 10 before going through the reset process.

Get Familiar with the new Command Prompt

Command Prompt in the new Windows comes with the ever-demanding feature. It has become more accessible than ever by supporting the standard copy and paste options. From now on, you can easily copy and paste the text content in the command prompt (cmd.exe) using the Ctrl + C and Ctrl + V key combinations respectively. Moreover, it packs lots of customizations under the Properties option.

Open Pinned Programs

This trick of windows 10 allows us to open the pinned application quickly with keyboard shortcuts. Let’s say if you have pinned 5 programs on the taskbar. Then to open the second program, you need to press “windows+2“. To open a specific program, you need to hit “windows+number-in-sequence“. The number starts at 1 followed by 2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 and ends at 0. So basically, you can open only 10 pinned applications at maximum by this method.

Time Difference

This tip might be useful especially to those who are freelancers or have friends in a different timezone. In this scenario, you might want to find the time difference between your clients and you, so that you can set the time for the communications and meetings. For this, open “alarms and clock” from the search bar, and when the app is opened, click on the clock tab. Next, click on the “+ (plus)” icon located at the bottom-right corner of the clock window. Thereafter, enter the name of the place and select the desired time zone to pin on the map. In case if you want to delete the already pinned timezone, just right-click on the selected pin and click on delete.

Quick Assist

The quick assist allows us to share our computer screen and allows another user to control your computer remotely. This feature is almost similar to those of Team Viewer and Anydesk. Just open Quick Assist by searching it on the search bar, then select the option either you want to get assistance or assist another person. Let’s take a look first at Give Assistance (Assist another person) options, there you need to enter Hotmail login details. After entering login credentials, it will create a security code with the expiration time. The other user who is seeking to Get Assistance needs to enter the security code provided by the person who is going to give assistance and share the screen.

Night Light

The night light is the setting to reduce the blue rays emitted from the screen that often keeps you awake at night. To enable it, go to Settings ➜ System ➜ Display ➜ Turn on the Night Light. And, just below this toggle button, you can find Night light settings. You can click on that link to set the strength, and also to schedule when the night light should be turned on and when it should be off automatically, based on the hour of that day.

Command Prompt Copy and Paste

By default, you cannot copy and paste the text in the command prompt. However, following this trick you can enable “ctrl” key features inside the command prompt. To enable open the command prompt by searching “cmd” in the search bar. After opening the command prompt, right-click on the title bar, select properties, and check the “Enable Ctrl key shortcuts” option. After enabling “ctrl” key shortcuts, you should be able to copy and paste on the command prompt.