Windows10 tips

Access All Apps from Start Menu

You can view all your installed apps from the Windows 11 Start menu. Hit the Windows key, open the Start menu and go to All apps at the upper right corner. From the All apps list, you will see your most-used apps at the top followed by a list of apps in alphabetical order. You can also use the search bar at the top to quickly find an app in the All apps menu.

Pin Apps in Windows 11 Start Menu

You won’t want to go to All apps menu every time to access your favorite apps and games. You can now pin them right at the top of the Start menu. Microsoft showed not-so-popular live tiles the exit door with Windows 11. They are replaced by pinned apps on Windows 11. Users can now pin up to 18 apps in the Start menu for easy access. Go to the All apps menu and right-click on your favorite app and select the Pin to Start option. You will see the app pinned at the top.

Rearrange Pinned Apps

This is quite simple but some may find it confusing due to a bad UX. You can easily rearrange apps in the pinned apps section using drag and drop functionality. Click on an app icon and drag it to your preferred position.

Use Start menu Recommendations

This is by far our favorite add-on in the Windows 11 Start menu. Microsoft has replaced the Windows 10 Timeline menu and added rather useful recommendations in the Start menu. How does it work then? The recommendations menu is tightly integrated with other Microsoft services such as OneNote, Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and Edge browser. Let’s say you have a Word document open on your phone or other PC. Windows 11 will recommend you to open the same document from the Start menu on other devices. Did you recently opened a OneNote notebook on your phone? You will Microsoft suggesting the same notebook in the recommendation menu. Click on the More button and check all the recommendations from the past. Microsoft hasn’t forgotten about old goodies from the previous Windows 10 Start menu. Let’s talk about a couple of them.

Convert Currency in Start Menu

Do you know the Windows 11 Start menu can convert currency on the go? Powered by Bing, Microsoft has integrated a currency converter right in the Start menu search bar. Open the Start menu and you can start typing ‘Convert $100 in Euro’ and Bing will showcase relevant results with past history.

Upgrade your PC's hard drive to an SSD. It makes all the difference in the world.

Windows 10 performance sucks on a mechanical hard drive. Be done with those slow whirring drives. I got an Samsung 850 Evo SSD for 87$ for the 250GB version. Make that additional investment at the time of purchase and see the difference for yourself.

Don't forget to Cleanup previous installations!.

Once you are comfortable on 10240 you can free up a lot of extra disk space by running Disk Cleanup, selecting "Cleanup System Files" and then checking off "Previous Windows Installation(s)" I am currently sitting at 16.1GB of space used by previous builds and am comfortable enough with 10240 right now to remove those older builds!To get to Disk Cleanup just click start and type "Disk" it should be the first result in the search menu.You can also clean up crash dumps and Temporary Windows Installation Files. My grand total of recovered space was 21.1GB

Best search app I have found. Searches anything instantly and looks everywhere on your system. Never had a bad search experience.

I use "Search Everything" and it works like a search functionality should- shoots you up with all the results that you need.

Help for people who aren't getting Insider Preview Builds.

I saw that a lot of people aren't able to to get Insider Preview Build (slow & fast ring) updates so I decided to write this tip.After enabling Insider Preview Builds inside Settings app (Update & Security>Windows Update>Advanced Options) you have to go to Settings>Update & Security>For developers> and switch from Sideload Apps to Developer Mode because Windows won't show you updates without enabling this featureNOTE: It might take some time to get updates after enabling Insider Preview Builds or after switching rings.I hope that this will help you :)