Top 10 Windows10 tips

Block Notifications

Windows PC just never stops from awakening you on every single thing, if it’s a Java update that’s available or a new notification. And moreover, if you are annoyed or disgusted with this feature, there’s an easy way to turn it off. You don’t need to do anything much. All you need to do is, go to Settings > System > Notifications and actions and turn it off.

Steps Recorder

This is the most exciting trick in our lists of windows 10 tips and tricks. With this feature, you can record all the steps you have done between the start and stop of the recorder. This will take a screenshot of every new step you have done and also generate the description of the step. So, for example, if you start a steps recorder and copy a file from one place to another. Then, it will generate the screenshot and also the steps like “User right-clicks on file_name“, “User left double click on the folder_name“, “User keyboard input on …“.  Isn’t that great? It’s great and is pretty sure that this 11th trick of our windows 10 tips and tricks article might be so helpful especially if you want to create a step by step guides for any other or for some blog article as well. To start, it’s pretty easy, just search “Steps Recorder” on the search box on the windows and start recording after opening the applications.

Turn on the New Screenshot Tool

Since I write a ton of how to articles I take a ton of screenshots on a daily basis. Previously, taking a screenshot on Windows was not as intuitive as users had to jump through a lot of hoops if they wanted to capture a part of the display and not the entire display. However, the new screenshot tool alleviates this problem by giving users more control. As it is with most of these features, it is not turned on by default and you will have to enable it by going into Settings. Just go to Settings -> Ease of Access -> Keyboard and turn on the “Print Screen Shortcut”. Once you have done this, whenever you hit the Print Screen button you will be presented with three options. You can either capture the entire desktop, capture a part of the desktop, or capture a part of the desktop in free form. Once you capture the screenshot it will open in a window where you can also easily annotate it, and share it with anyone you want to.

Time Difference

This tip might be useful especially to those who are freelancers or have friends in a different timezone. In this scenario, you might want to find the time difference between your clients and you, so that you can set the time for the communications and meetings. For this, open “alarms and clock” from the search bar, and when the app is opened, click on the clock tab. Next, click on the “+ (plus)” icon located at the bottom-right corner of the clock window. Thereafter, enter the name of the place and select the desired time zone to pin on the map. In case if you want to delete the already pinned timezone, just right-click on the selected pin and click on delete.

Learn new Windows 10 Keyboard Shortcuts

You can become more productive if you learn the shortcuts to perform various regular tasks such as using virtual desktops, snapping apps and more. Below are the shortcuts to help you do things faster.

  • Win + Tab (open Tasks View)
  • Win + Left + Up (move app to top-left quadrant)
  • Win + Left + Down (move app to bottom-left quadrant)
  • Win + Right + Up (move app to top-right quadrant)
  • Win + Right + Down (move app to bottom-right quadrant)
  • Win + Ctrl + Left or Right (change virtual desktops)
  • Win + Ctrl + D (new virtual desktop)
  • Win + Ctrl + C (speak to Cortana)
  • Win + S (view weather, news, sports, help, etc.)
  • Win + Ctrl + F4 (close virtual desktop)
  • Win + Up and Down (snap apps to top or bottom of screen or maximize them)

Clean out your Registry

The registry on your system is one very difficult component to handle all on your own. For those who don't know what the Registry does, keep track of your activities, and organize your Windows. It also serves as an information bank that keeps all the necessary information about the programs on your PC, files, their locations, and every other important information. Cleaning up your Registry regularly is important because it contains program settings of the previously deleted programs. Deleting a program is not enough to remove it from your PC. To remove the settings from your system's storage, you will have to remove the settings from the Registry as well. The simplest way to clean up your Registry is to download a Registry cleaner. Make sure that you back up your Registry before you proceed with the clear out procedure so you can regain data in case of system errors. To back up your Registry, go to your search box and type "Regedit.ext" and then press the Enter key to run your Registry' Editor. On the Registry Editor windows, right-click a file folder and click the Export option to backup the registry. The next stage will be to restore your Registry by opening the Editor. On the File menu, select the import button and open the already saved file. Once this is done, now is the time to download and install any Registry cleaner of your choice. After installing the Registry cleaner, you can select one or more issues you wish to resolve. The next step is to scan for Registry Problems. Click the "Scan Now" button to scan for problems. If you want a deeper search you can click the "Scan and repair button" which will automatically identify and fix issues simultaneously.

No Special Effects

Another helpful method to speed up Windows 10 is to partially or completely disable for special effects. These effects make the use of Windows 10 more enjoyable but they come at a cost because they affect the speed of your PC. If you are looking to speed up Windows 10 even further, you can switch off special effects found on your system. How do you do this? Go to the Search Box: In the search box, type the code "sysdm.cpl" and press the Enter key to launch the System Properties and click Advanced tab and click "Setting" on the Performance section. On this list, there are various social effects and animations. You have the benefit of choice to switch off any effect of your choice to improve performance. Some of the features you may likely find on your PC are The more special effects you turn off, the better your PC will function. An easier way of doing it is to let Windows take the lead automatically. If you select "Adjust for best performance" and click the OK button, Windows 10 will track down effects that affect speed and turn them off.

Never die unexpectedly again with Battery saver

One of the problems with a lot of laptops in comparison with their Mac or Chromebook equivalents is battery life. Thankfully, Windows has recognized this and brought in their battery saver feature. This allows you to decide at what percentage of battery life your computer will put itself into Battery Saver mode. You can tweak how Battery saver mode works, and decide to what extent you wish to lower performance while in this setting. This is a generally useful addition. If your battery is like mine and likes to accelerate down to 0 as quickly as possible once it passes 20%, then you’ll probably appreciate this feature.

Customize Folders by Changing Colors.

Another really good in all windows tricks is to customize folder icons and to change their colours. This is a fun trick, but it also helps you to organize stuff better as you can set a different colour for a different type of folders according to the type of files they store. Read here to know how to change folder colours.

Read Here:- How To Change Folder Color In Windows

Shake to Minimize Inactive Windows

Let’s say you want to minimize all the apps except the one on the front. You can do that using a simple mouse gesture. Click the title bar of the app, hold, and shake it. Shaking means dragging the pointer up and down in a fast pace. You will soon realize that all the windows except the one you shook have gone down to the taskbar.